Meet Annie Brown! Campus Cutie

Name: Annie Brown  

Interviewer: Paige Vaccaro

Major: Elementary Education pursuing a dual endorsement in Special Education and a minor in Environmental Studies

Graduation Class: 2020

Clubs that you are involved with on campus: Dewey Club A.F.E.C.T. Big Buddies Crew Team Ski and Snowboard Chi Alpha Relationship Status: Single

HC: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?:

AB: Definitely to be able to fly. 

HC: What's the #1 Most Played Song on Your iPhone?: 

AB: Ophelia by the Lumineers.

HC: If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?:

AB: A Swiss Army Knife, an edible plant guide book, and a Snuggie.

HC: Which are you more likely to fight for, love, power, or money? Why?: 

AB: I am most likely to fight for Love. When I think of love, I think of kindness and encouragement and I believe that if everyone was able to show just a bit more love, our world would be a much happier and positive place. Love always overrules power and money. In my opinion, there is nothing more important than human connection. 

HC: Do you think you would survive a zombie apocalypse? If so, how would you survive? 

AB: I think I might have to rely on a couple of my lumberjack friends to get me out of this one! But you know, I think if you gave me a baseball bat, I'd be able to handle myself pretty well. Or I'd just run. 

HC: Favorite thing about fall: 

AB: Am I only allowed to pick one?! I'll go with the food...Thanksgiving is literally my favorite holiday. Warm, homemade pie? I'm so there. 

HC: If you were a ghost, where/who would you haunt?:

AB: I think if I were a ghost, I'd want to haunt one of those creepy castles in Germany. Just think about that aesthetic. And I don't think I'd want to haunt any one person in particular but I would totally want to be a messenger between the real world and the afterlife. You know, like leaving clues for people to figure out. Might as well make it entertaining and interactive. 

HC: Apple picking or pumpkin carving?:

AB: Apple picking (for the apple pie and the apple cider donuts obviously).


HC: Favorite scary Movie: 

AB: The Ring

HC: Best costume you've had: 

AB: The best Halloween costume that I've ever had is a green Mm&Mm. I made it myself in seventh grade and I was literally just like one of those sandwich board people, except I was just a walking green circle.