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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

By Lila Simmons

As a freshman transfer student, I found it was difficult for me to make friends when I got to college. I first arrived at the University of Vermont in the spring semester. However, it wasn’t Spring at all and right away I experienced my first Vermont winter. It felt desolate at times; it was harder for everyone to physically get outside and meet people. Many of the clubs I had initially wanted to join, were not accepting new members halfway through the year. For a little while, I found myself in a rut. After giving it some time-because good things really do take time- I eventually discovered some clubs that would allow me to express my creativity, made some great friends in my classes, and found my footing. 

Then I got overwhelmed pretty fast. How was I supposed to balance my social life, my school life, while maintaining mental health, my relationships at home and the new ones I was making? As my courses progressed, and every minute of “free” time became “homework” time, I found it pretty hard to manage the new friendships I was making. As my friends and I had different schedules, lunch plans didn’t always work for every day of the week. I eventually found things to do with my friends throughout my week that carved out time for us to spend, while still being fun. 

A great way to do something fun with a friend is going to a workout class. UVM offers group fitness programs with classes like pilates, yoga, spin, and yoga. My friends and I would go to yoga every Wednesday night and occasionally get dinner after- if we were willing to brave the dining hall. Even on nights when we were both exhausted, we would still push ourselves to go so we could see one another. These classes also helped us release the stress of the school week. 

Sundays are for homework. Study dates at coffee shops on Sunday afternoons were another one of my favorite things to do last semester. I would love escaping campus, while still being able to be productive and getting prepared for the school week ahead of me. Black Cap Cafe and Muddy Waters have to be two of my favorite spots-if you can get there early enough! 

Designating at least one day a week where you are able to get lunch with some friends on campus helped me alot too. Last semester, a friend and I both had Tuesdays from 12:00-1:00 between classes free, so this worked out perfectly for us to grab lunch. It also gives you something to look forward to when you’re in class. 

These activities might seem super simple, but ingraining them into my college routine allowed me to learn more about myself-I am a planner. I like knowing what my day is going to look like, and I enjoy having a schedule. Carving out time for these things with new friends helped me to continue doing what I liked to do, while building new relationships. I have been able to carry over these habits into this semester, and it has helped in so many ways.

Edited by Maddie Mallon

Hi I'm Lila! I'm a sophomore studying Public Communication at UVM with a Dance minor! I enjoy reading, fashion, writing, listening to music, and going to the beach with friends!