Mackenzie Tobrocke

Name: Mackenzie Tobrocke

Year: Class of 2018

Major: Biology

Hometown: Hinesburg, VT

Activities: Member of Medvida, Pre Med Club

Relationship Status: Single


Describe Yourself in Three Words: Driven, Kind, Studious


Favorite Study Spot On Campus: Bailey Howe

Favorite Study Spot Off Campus: Yet to be decided

Favorite Dining Hall/ Campus Food: New World Tortilla

Favorite Part of Burlington: The Waterfront

Favorite Place to Eat in Burlington: Leunigs


Celebrity Crush: Scott Eastwood

Biggest Pet Peeve: Tardiness

Dream Date: Dinner and Live Music

Deal Breakers: Smoking

Guilty Pleasure Food: Milk Chocolate or Ice Cream, especially cookie dough

Latest Netflix Addiction: Grey’s Anatomy


Dinner or Dessert: Dessert

Movies or Shopping: Movies

Pants or Shorts: Pants

City or Countryside: Countryside

IPhone or Android: IPhone

Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter: Instagram


Yay or Nay

Harry Potter: Nay

Lord of the Rings: Nay

Football: Nay

Starbucks: Yay

Pitch Perfect: Yay

Pineapple: Yay

Donald Trump: Nay

Jurassic Park: Nay

One Direction: Yay