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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

By: Samantha Romano 

Halloween is the second unofficial Met Gala of the year. If you don’t agree with that statement, this list probably isn’t for you. If that statement hits a little too close to home, welcome to your unofficial guide for the Halloween season! Finding the perfect costume isn’t an easy task. There’s a pressure to be original but not make a reference so obscure that no one understands it. Or trying to come up with a costume that’s not over-the-top but flashy enough for everyone to envy. Below are ten ideas that are (somewhat) original, easy to put together costume ideas that will have everyone talking:

  1. Snooki 

With the cultural resurgence of Jersey Shore, Nicole Polizzi aka “Snooki” has taken the internet by storm. Her relevance never really faltered but her iconic y2k looks, memorable one-liners, and party girl attitude has captured the hearts of an entire new generation of young, post-pandemic fans. There are hundreds of iconic looks featured throughout the show (most are easy to emulate) that you can find on Pinterest for inspiration. Don’t limit yourself, though! All you need for a DIY Snooki is LOTS of leopard print, statement sunglasses, a bump-it, and obnoxiously large branded purse. The Shore Store (where the cast members often worked during filming) has an online shop with amazing pieces for accomplishing this costume. Personally, I recommend the “Meatball Problems’ ‘ orFree Snooki’ ‘ tank top to authentically pay homage to the world’s favorite guidette. 

  1. Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola’s Version) 

The beauty of the costumes in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is their versatility. A quick search on Pinterest will show you elaborate gowns, masquerade masks, and rococo-style dresses. Coppola’s version also offers a more simplistic version of the infamous queen drawing plain colored dresses and chemises. For a more playful, rococo costume I recommend a masquerade-style mask, a white corset, and lots of pearl accessories. Her casual gowns are easy to emulate with a vintage silk slip that can easily be found at any vintage store or second hand clothing website like Depop. 

  1. Adrianna La Cerva 

Another Jersey style icon, Adrianna is perhaps the only character on ‘The Sopranos’ with a costume worthy wardrobe. This is a great choice if you’re looking to DIY a costume last minute. Animal print is a must! Cheetah, leopard, zebra, or whatever else your heart desires! The Zebra Mesh Top from Bardot is the perfect piece to start with. Pair the top (or any similar ones) with a pair of flattering low rise jeans and platform heels. Bonus if you include LOTS of gold jewelry! 

  1. Alliyah 

A simple, yet fashionable costume for any 90s fashion lover! Alliyah’s style was far ahead of her time. No one can pull off baggy jeans like her. For a quick costume, try pairing a black crop top with baggy jeans and a baseball jersey. I would also recommend sourcing vintage Tommy Hilfiger from the 90s for the quidessantial Alliyah look. The Women’s Bandeau Tube Top from Tommy Hilfiger is a modern, cheap alternative. Plus it’s on sale! 

  1. Elvira, Mistress of the Dead 

No one will ever top Kylie Jenner’s Elvira costume in 2022…but it is a great photo to reference for your own version! Elvira has been the spooky style icon for years most known for her signature black, low plunging dress. Her signature gothic makeup and hairdo make the look complete. There are tons of beginner-friendly tutorials on Youtube to follow along with. Break out your moms bump-it from the 2000s! Elvira’s hair is famously voluminous but for an easier look use a round brush to add some height to your hair!

  1. Sharon Tate 

The ultimate flower child costume, Sharon Tate is a great alternative for the overdone hippie costume. Her style was very diverse so I recommend using Pinterest to pick out what looks you like the best! Quinten Tarintino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood introduced an entire new generation to Sharon through Margo Robbie’s portrayal. A popular outfit from the film features Robbie wearing white gogo boots, white skirt, and black turtleneck. Sharon’s signature eye makeup is the most recognizable feature about her. I’ve attempted (and failed) to replicate her exact look and recommend using a brown eyeliner pen. If you’re not skilled with makeup, use a brown eyeshadow and apply a thick line to your crease.

  1. Patrick Bateman

This isn’t exactly a “niche” costume but Patrick Bateman is an instantly recognizable, low-effort look that always ends up dominating my feed. It isn’t exactly a “niche” look but it is the most photo worthy costume on this list. Most components of his outfit can be put together with stuff in your own closet. Find a tie to pair with a cropped white dress shirt and a black pleated skirt. The rest of the look can easily be found on Amazon. Buy a clear rain jacket, a fake ax, and fake blood to splatter all over your outfit. 

  1. Mia Wallace 

A great option for all you procrastinators, Mia Wallace is as low effort as last minute costumes can get. Your friends are probably endlessly annoyed from hearing you say “I’ll get my costumes soon”. Luckily, all you need for this costume is a white button down shirt, exposed black lace bra,  and black flared leggings. Yep, that’s all! Pinterest has tons of amazing inspiration for how to elevate your plain outfit a bit more. Major bonus points if you buy a black bob wig! Mia’s hair is just as iconic as her character. Emrata perfectly encapsulates the naturally chic look with her rendition of Mia Wallace in 2014. 

  1. Ballerina 

Ballerina-core has dominated the trend cycles lately. Leotards, ballet flats, and wrap skirts have made their way from the dance studio to mainstream fashion and now to Halloween! . It’s a great alternative to the overdone Black Swan costume (as iconic Natalie Portman is) with half the effort and money required. Find a white bodysuit, wrap skirt, leg warmers, and a pair of ballet flats to accomplish the look with items from your own wardrobe! If time isn’t of the essence, Amazon has lots of cheap options for this costume. The Soudittur Wrap Skirt is only $10 and goes with virtually any basics.

Hi, I'm Samantha! I'm a PCOMM major at the University of Vermont! I typically write opinion pieces but am excited to explore topics of fashion, lifestyle, and so on!