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How to Remain Content Amidst all of the Chaos

Whether you are feeling high levels of anxiety, a sense of uncertainty, or beginning to go a bit stir crazy, the most important thing to remember is we are all experiencing this together. As you remain stuck in your home, recognize your emotions rather than trying to ignore them. This reality of ours allows us to recognize why we shouldn’t be taking our “normal”  lives for granted.

           Now, with that being said, regardless of if you consider yourself to be an introvert or not, feeling isolated for extended periods of time takes tolls on our mental health. Here are some ways to remain calm with the situation:

  1. Limit Screen Time-

Naturally, we reach for our phones to aimlessly scroll down our feeds or we decide to start binging a new Netflix series. This might seem like one of the easiest ways to kill time, however you might want to consider the negative aspects of this. With classes shifting online too, try to monitor your usage on other apps and give your eyes a break. In addition, notice if social media is affecting your productivity levels. Try to take advantage of all this free time and start doing those things you always put off.

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  1. Write a Gratitude List-

I will admit I usually read advice such as this and think it sounds cliche, but when change abruptly happens to our everyday lives it’s reassuring why this is so important. It is so easy to point out all of the things that we were robbed of, whether that be finishing senior year, living with your best friends, or for some losing their jobs. Though, feelings of resentment are valid, don’t let them consume you as things could always be much worse. To balance those thoughts, compose a physical list of the people, experiences, and opportunities you appreciate. You may realize that the things you once complained about were not so bad afterall.

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  1. Develop a New Routine-

People are generally hesitant towards change because we fear the unknown. To gain a sense of control back into your life, focus on following a routine. Don’t let your health and wellness suffer during these times. It is hard to exercise while practicing social distancing since fitness facilities are closed, but don’t not do it. Many trainers offer online workouts that are equipment free to make it easy for you to do at home. You could also incorporate new hobbies into your day, such as meal prepping or even something along the lines of painting or reading more. Lastly, keep in mind that even though you might be working from your couch, keep up with your hygiene. Little things like changing out of your pajamas and making your bed will boost your productivity.

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            The biggest tip I can offer you during these uncertain times is to accept them. Don’t allow this to set you back. Stay in tune with what is best for your mental health.



-Isabelle Vogell

















Hi, I'm Isabelle! Currently, I'm a senior studying Public Communication at the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT. I have a concentration in Communication Design as I am passionate about aesthetics. Some of my interests include graphic design and journalism.
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