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How to Make Light of Finals


The dark cloud that is finals is now impending upon us. The very word “finals” naturally brings up feelings of stress, and memories of late nights in the library. However, here are some ways to make finals weeks a little less scary, and even something to look forward to (maybe?).

Make new friends

Form a study group with your classmates. This will benefit you in three ways:

1. You won’t be as bored.

2. Bonding time! Becoming closer with the people in your major can help you in the long run.

3. Now they can introduce you to their friends, and you can introduce them to yours!

Find new music

During your ‘study breaks’, create the ideal study playlist by exploring music sites such as 8tracks, Spotify, Pandora, or iHeartRadio. Playing music in the background while you study might relieve some of the stress.

Find a cute boy

Look at the library as not your worst enemy, but as a social scene! Most of the student body will be in Bailey/Howe or Dana Med during finals week (if they know what’s good for them). So, if you see a friend sitting with someone who catches your eye— walk up to him! He’s going to need a study break at some point, right?

Get healthy

Since you won’t be staying up late with friends, and you have more free time during your reading days, use this week as an opportunity to eat right and get fit. Going to the gym will help you construct a schedule, which in turn will force you to make time to hit the books.  

Enjoy campus events

Take advantage of the sponsored events on campus during this stressful week. Whether it’s petting the puppies outside of the Davis Center, participating in a meditation session, or getting a free massage at Living Well, everyone could benefit from a change of pace. Just visit http://uvmbored.com to find out about all the events going on around campus!

Good luck!

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