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One of the best parts of the seasons changing is the changing of the trends that go along with them. It’s now more important than ever to ditch fast fashion if you are able, and by investing in a couple of classic pieces you’ll be one step closer to having a much more sustainable closet. You don’t need to hop on every trend, just a couple that you like, and think might stand the test of time. If you don’t know where to start, I have a couple of suggestions!


1. Chunky Penny Loafers

Black and brown chunky loafers are everywhere right now, and chances are your mom might have a pair in storage. Investing in a pair of these is a great idea and since they are a piece you can wear regularly, they make for a low-risk purchase.


2. Leather or Pleather Jacket

Nothing goes with everything quite like a leather jacket. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit, and if you look around enough you can likely buy one second-hand, which is both more sustainable and cost-effective.


3. Perfume

Finding a signature scent isn’t exclusive to just fall, however, the start of the school year is the perfect time to try something new that you can then continue wearing year-round. Some pretty long-lasting options include Glossier You, Tom Ford Lost Cherry, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and Burberry Her.


4. Denim

This might seem obvious, but denim truly never goes out of style. Since you’ll have jeans in your closet forever, why not invest in a cute classic pair and keep those rather than spending the same amount through the years on jeans that don’t last. Grab a pair of straight-leg jeans in a classic wash or jump on the current trends and get low rise! Whatever you do, make sure you can see yourself wearing them with a lot of other pieces in your wardrobe already, and remember to take care of them. The cost of a pair of nice jeans is only worth it if you don’t have to supplement them with a bunch of fast fashion ones.


It’s important to note that being able to avoid fast fashion is a luxury, and in no way is slow fashion as accessible as it should be! However, if you find yourself in a position to buy hundreds of dollars worth of clothing that is made in unethical and harmful ways, try to use that money to buy one thing that you can keep for a lot longer (maybe even long enough to pass down).




*Edited by Annie Stibora

Hi! I'm a senior Public Communication major with a concentration in Community Media and Journalism at the University of Vermont. I have a passion for art, culture, and writing.
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