Empowering Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

As we continue celebrating women- this month, and every month- it’s important to surround yourself with information and empowerment on a regular basis.  Throughout the past year, I’ve found some Instagram accounts that I’m grateful for, as they cut through the potential toxicity on my feed. Here are five accounts that have made a difference in the way I view myself as a woman in society and have inspired me to support other women in as many ways as I possibly can.

  1. 1. @BeautyRemastered

    Okay, so this one might be a bit biased. My mother has created an initiative for girls and women to look beyond the “outdated beauty standards”, as she likes to put it. Beauty Remastered is about recognizing the beauty within everyone, looking past the surface level and into the depths of what makes someone beautiful. The Instagram account focuses on self-expression, liberation, and the expansion of the mind in ways that truly, only a mother can demonstrate. She’s worked so hard on this initiative, and I’m incredibly proud of her.

  2. 2. @Feminist

    If you follow one page on Instagram, follow this one. It’s a safe-space, packed full of information about women’s rights, LGBTQA+ rights, racial injustice, activist movements, and features different creators on Instagram regularly. This account touches on sensitive topics in a gentle, yet effective way, and sheds light on important issues within the media and through real-life anecdotes. Not to mention, the page is fabulously designed and the posts are eye-catchingly beautiful.

  3. 3. @GoddessPlatform

    I love this page because of the unapologetic shock value of some of the posts.  By doing this, Goddess Platform is aiming to desensitize a culture so used to demonizing the natural bodily functions of women. Breastfeeding, getting periods, growing body hair, the trials and tribulations of postpartum hygiene, the way our bodies fold and wrinkle-- this is all documented and normalized on this page, which could make some people, including women, uncomfortable because these aren’t universally accepted issues. Breaking down these barriers and exposing people to reality is what will eventually change perspectives.

  4. 4. @USOWomen

    By focusing on uniting all women, this page takes a more politically driven stance than the other pages I’ve mentioned. On this page, you’ll find current event updates of legislation being passed (or denied), ways to support women in political settings, coverage of activist protests, highlights of women in power, proven data statistics regarding women in the workplace, voting statistics, all while being incredibly outspoken for LGBTQA+ rights.

  5. 5. @NiceForWhatMVMT

    This page highlights survivor stories, emphasizes the importance of self-love and care, being patient with yourself, and helping you understand that any type of abuse or trauma that happens to you is never your fault. This page feels like a hug and a therapy session wrapped into one colorful Instagram feed full of support and love. The Nice for What Movement focuses on creating a space for women to express themselves, be outspoken, be strong and powerful, and raise awareness for the very real and upsetting issues that surround being a womxn during the current times.

I love and appreciate how Instagram has become a space to educate yourself and remain aware of the issues we are all currently facing. Social media is such a powerful place, and it’s the roots of a new-wave movement that has started to form. The community based on “feminist-Instagram” is a beautiful one, filled with millions of individuals ready and excited to support and empower you.  

Lots of love,