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Comfy Looks to Try for Thanksgiving

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

Stressing out about your Thanksgiving Day outfit? We want to make sure that every picture you photobomb this holiday you look great in. Avoid tearing apart your closet and waking up to a Mount Everest of clothing and use these outfits we chose below to guide you!

Look #1

Introduce your best scarf to your favorite earth tone sweater and play around with some accessories to give some edge to a simple look.

Look #2

I think this may be the easiest outfit to assemble, since most closets are already filed with comfy crew neck sweaters and button ups. Pair your outfit with a simple black pair of heels or ankle boots and you’re ready to go grab a slice of pie!

Look #3

Have a wide-brimmed hate that you’ve been trying to make a statement with? Pair it with a simple sweater (you can find great ones at Target or Urban Outfitters) and your favorite pair of dark wash skinny jeans. 

Look #4

While this look requires more pieces than the others, they’re pieces that we usually already have. Grab your favorite A-line skirt and colored cardigan and let your accessories make the outfit. If you want to avoid heels, try a basic pointed flat!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!