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Becky Holloway ’12

Full Name: Becky Holloway
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Sociology/Studio Art
Originally from: Palo Alto, CA
Relationship Status: Single

Have any hobbies?
Making vegan meals, fashion, photography, exercise, surfing (when possible), being the center of attention, writing, listening to acoustic artists on youtube, and blogging. (also I love my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi)

Biggest pet peeves?
People who don’t take risks

Dream job?
Fashion photographer, or work in the fashion industry in someway, shape, or form.

What would be three things that someone would find on your bucket list?
Become the star of my own reality TV show, have my own underwear line by the time I am 25, and be the head model for it.

Proudest skill?
The ability to love and care about people until I’m exhausted, and it brings me the greatest joy.

If you could brag about one thing to President Obama, what would you chose to brag about?
That I recently got into grad school and will be attempting at a Masters of Public Policy, so one day I will impact the public sector in a sociologically sound way.

If you could meet somebody dead or alive, who would they be and why?
Taylor Swift. She’s my biggest idol, my favorite person in this world. Her music has gotten me through my years in college and I will forever be in debt to her in the way that her gift of lyrics has shaped me and kept me going.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Specifically all white huskies with ice-blue eyes.

Whats the best piece of advice that you've received?
“Work on loving, or even liking yourself first, Becky. Good things will come.”

Describe yourself using a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor and explain why.
Well, being that I am a vegan this is a strange prompt. I don’t like sorbet either, so I guess my answer would be Bonnaroo Buzz… cause I’m a good time

Proudest moment?
Standing in front of my Greek Life community, reading a speech that I wrote for a contest and at the end, when I quoted Taylor Swift, feeling invigorated as I received a standing ovation… that was such a cool feeling.

One fact that most people don't know about you.
I am incredibly insecure, but play off the confidence till no end.

If you could run away and elope with a celebrity, who would they be and why?
NATALIE PORTMAN (specifically in Black Swan). I love good girls, innocence, class, and poise is so appealing.

Biggest turn-ons?
Kindness, open-mindedness, nurturing demeanor (but has the ability to put me in my place), nice ass, stunning eyes, blonde hair, and INDEPENDENCE.

Biggest turn-offs?
Hairy anything, submissiveness, but it all comes down to individual personality I guess… I just don’t like people who don’t take care of themselves hygienically.

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