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Beauty Closet: Holiday Party Outfits

Following fall fashion (http://www.hercampus.com/school/uvm/beauty-closet-fall-fashion-faves), holiday party outfit planning is my most favorite. What’s not to love about rich colors, sparkle, and shine?


Ugly Sweater Party

This is the college version of a holiday party. An ugly sweater is not only important, it’s required. The point of this party is to have the most ridiculous sweater there is. These sweaters are generally cheap, fit poorly, and worn once, which is why Goodwill and Walmart are great places to shop. With an ugly sweater party, you can keep the rest of the outfit simple, or continue on with your gaudy outfit.


Traditional Holiday Party

The outfit for the traditional holiday party must be one part classy and two parts fabulous. Coming home from college, you need to show your family and friends how adult and fashion forward you are, while also looking hot. You can’t go wrong with a tweedy skirt, patterned tights, and a sweater with some sparkly details. Don’t forget a statement necklace!


New Years Eve Party

For the New Years Eve party, the more sparkle, the better! Be it a safe sequined skirt or a daring jumpsuit, sparkles are a necessity. If you are not a fan of sparkles, metallic-hued clothes are a good alternative. Keep the colors rich and deep — navy blue, black, and dark purple work well for New Years. Don’t forget a shiny lip gloss to prepare you for that New Years kiss!

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