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Be Productive with Pinterest During A Study Break

It’s practically the newest addition to online addictions and a whole new realm of daily inspiration. Pinterest brings a constant flow of ideas for beauty, clothing, crafts, interior design, and anything else you can think of.

Even with it being a great source of entertainment, its a deadly source for procrastination. If you’re going to be spending time (that was originally meant for studying for your organic chem midterm) on Pinterest, you may as well be slightly productive. So when you find yourself clicking on the Pinterest bookmark on your internet browser out of habit, try these pin categories instead that make your time seem well spent:

Workout with the fitness category.
The second you click on that category, you’ll find more six-packs than the beer isle of a grocery store. Clicking on the pictures often times lead to websites with great workouts and motivational tips. Perfect since summer is around the corner, right?

For the vegetarians and vegans out there, there is a huge selection of recipes and ideas for your next meal. From experience, I know that when you’re just starting out, finding the creativity while still eating the right foods to eat is difficult. Type vegan into the search engine and you’ll be hungry just looking at the pictures.

Broke and need to revamp your wardrobe with the season change? Pinterest is perfect. I can’t tell you the amount of awesome websites I’ve found for clothing and accessories. HUGE PLUS: if you look enough, some of them are super cheap! Click around and you’ll eventually find a website with the best spring dresses and summer bathing suits.

Got an event coming up and need help?
It has got it ALL. Go to the hair, makeup and nails section and play with the looks for a well-pulled together look. (There’s even a whole section for weddings! So If someone liked it and put a ring on it like Beyonce advised them, you’re planning process has been given a start.)

Heaven for Crafternoons. It speaks for itself, just click on DIY & crafts and prepare to be sucked in.

Movie and Travel Reviews galore! If you’re looking to study abroad, type in you’re countries name to get an idea of the culture. Often times Google is the place to do this, but its a very generic result of the same photos and information. Pinterest plays up the information a little bit more and gives you a better taste of media and the societies personality.

Keeping up-to-date with technology and advancements. Be careful with the sources that you end up finding, since you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear without further research. However it is a good starting point to spark curiosity with news and advancements.

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