5 Fun Winter Activities For Break

5 Fun Winter Activities For Break

1. Nature walks

One thing about winter is that it gives us New Englanders beautiful, fluffy snow! If you can get out to a trail or even walk in your backyard, enjoy the relaxation of time in nature. No matter where you are, walks through the woods can affect your mind positively and help destress from all the late night cramming for finals.

2. Ice Castles/Light Shows

 During the winter time, many holiday events are put on. In areas with colder climates, immense ice castle displays are made and offered to public view. There are also different light shows you and your friends can attend. These make a fun night, but remember to dress warmly!


3. Bonfires!

Baby, it’s cold outside! One great idea for a hangout is to make a bonfire with friends! Perfect opportunity to catch up with those you have not seen or a long time and breath in the cool, crisp air. 

4. Homemade meals!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, tastes better than a home cooked meal. One great fact about being back home for break is not having to journey to the same dining hall everyday and be forced into social interaction. From the comfort of my home, the luxury of having delicious food that I know what it is made out of is so rewarding.

5. Christmas Tree Lightings

Gold ribbons, silver tonsil, and crimson ornaments cover immense pine tree. Venture into the cities or the town center to look at the beautiful Christmas trees. Also, you can decorate a tree of your own at home!