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Women Owned Jewelry Companies You Should Check Out

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

I love anything glittery or sparkly, including jewelry. I have collected a lot of beautiful rings, necklaces, and earrings over the years. I feel like I finally found my perfect everyday jewelry and most of them are female-owned. Check out some of the pretty jewels below (and support women when purchasing them).  

Barbela Design

The founder of Barbela Design, Michelle is a New York City native and part of a long family history of jewelers. She noticed a need for more affordable, yet still beautiful, pieces of fine jewelry designed for women. Since its launch in 2014, Barbela Design has grown to be very successful. Celebrities such as Shay Mitchell, Vanessa Hudgens, Khloe Kardashian, and Lucy Hale have worn Barbela Design. The brand has also been featured in top magazines including Marie Claire, Glamour, and Who What Wear. All of their products are made by a team of skilled metal smiths in New York City’s diamond district.

I bought this ring after getting into UVA as a present to myself and a reward for all my hard work. I wear it every day and it’s my favorite ring I own. Their products are expensive, but the quality and designs are unmatched. Investment pieces that are worth it! Check out the rest of Barbela Design’s products as they have beautiful pieces!



I am a huge fan of Mejuri. Noura Sakkijha founded the company after she realized the jewelry industry was ultimately built for men gifting women, rather than women celebrating themselves. Sakkijha said, “…the truest expression of Mejuri is mutual uplift: all of us supporting each other, and you, our community, feeling empowered to invest in yourself…” (Mejuri.com).

This brand has also gained a lot of attention in the younger generations. They have super timeless pieces, while still keeping up with the lasted trends. Mejuri has a range of prices from fine, luxury jewelry to more affordable pieces. I went to the Mejuri store in Boston over the summer and got some earrings and a necklace (a matching one with my BFF). The brand makes their pieces for the everyday person, so they are super durable­–– you can wear them working out and showering. Check out the pieces I have below.




Kendra Scott

            Kendra Scott is another great female-owned jewelry brand. Founded in 2002, Kendra Scott had always had a love for natural gemstones. She noticed a gap in the jewelry industry for high quality styles and stones at an affordable price. The brand is always releasing new, trendy pieces season after season. The brand has maintained an affordable price range, while also offering fine jewelry options.

            I recently bought these earrings from Kendra Scott. The quality is great, and they are a more fun everyday earring. If you are looking to experiment with colors and styles, Kendra Scott is the place to do it. Check out the earrings down below and I encourage you to browse their fun pieces!


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