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Wine and Dine Me: New C-ville Restaurants You Must Try

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.


Charlottesville is home to restaurants old and new, with different places popping up every year. Here’s a quick run down of four new places you should have on your radar as spring picks up.

1. The Alley Light

New York meets Charlottesville at this French inspired bar/restaurant lounge. An intimate, quiet space for drinks and good conversation, The Alley Light offers a relaxed, yet sophisticated atmosphere rendered both through its comfy furniture (big lounge chairs), and incredible dishes ranging from cheese plates to duck confit. Go for drinks (one of the top mixologists in Charlottesville mans the bar) and share some appetizers for a nice change of pace from the busy bar scene.


(Photo from The Charlottesville 29, taken by Ginger Germani)



Location: 108 2nd Street SW on the Downtown Mall

Hours: Wed-Sat, 5pm to midnight, and Sunday from 5pm-10pm


2. JM Stock Provisions

If you’re looking for a great place to buy local meat and perhaps some cheese and bread, check out JM Stock Provisions. Located at 709 West Main Street, this locally sourced butcher shop also houses a large wine and cheese selection. You can find other local products there as well, like eggs and greens.


(Photo from Pernmoot Photography)

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10-8, Sunday 12-8, CLOSED MONDAY

Website: http://stockprovisions.com/


3. Public Fish & Oyster

Located at 513 W Main Street, this restaurant features East Coast seafood and a raw bar. They have everything from oysters, clams, and shrimp, to mussels, rockfish, and yellowfish tuna—and that’s just the beginning. If you’re a seafood fan in the slightest, you must try this place. Check it out here

(Photo from the DTM


4. Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar

Gourmet meets diner at this upscale burger spot in Barracks Shopping Center (973 Emmet Street N, Suite A). Order a burger with manchego cheese and braised onions, pair it with one of their many selections of salads or fries, choose a glass of wine from their carefully crafted selection and top it all off with an old fashioned milkshake.



Don’t miss out on the taste of Charlottesville! Take yourself out this weekend and try something new.