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What Your Rain Gear Says About You


No Jacket, Boots or Umbrella

You enjoy life on the wild side; You’re one to roll out of bed and run to class. Maybe you glanced at your weather app or out your window, but you don’t have time to carefully plan your wardrobe for the rain. You hope the rain will hold off for those 10 minutes, or think to yourself it’s only a light mist.

Umbrella Only

Maybe you grabbed your umbrella on the way outside or maybe it was just in your backpack, but you like to keep it simple. You don’t mind when your umbrella taps the other ones on the sidewalk; you’re all in this together. You keep your bag close to you and hope all of your books don’t get soaked. There’s a hint of risk involved in this, and you enjoy it.

Rain Jacket Only

You are all about convenience. Who has time to struggle with opening and closing an umbrella? And when umbrellas tap on the sidewalk? You hate that! You speed walk to and from your classes, rain can’t get in your way. Sometimes you put your backpack under your rain jacket because you’re all about protecting your laptop and your books, but no way are you willing to carry a wet umbrella around with you.

Rain Jacket and Boots

You’re in this for the style. You adore rainy days. You jump at any chance to wear your Hunter boots and North Face rain jacket. There are only so many days in a year that you can wear this combo, and you rock it. A little rain never hurt anyone, right?

Umbrella, Boots and a Jacket

Congratulations, you are one well-prepared collegiette! There’s no way rain can get in your way. You’re determined to get to class on time, rain or shine! You avoid getting wet at any cost, and if its the slightest bit chilly- you bet there are wool socks on under those boots! You’re willing to sacrifice convenience for comfort. Sure that umbrella may be soaking wet, but your outfit is still in tact. You take rainy days by storm, just like every other day.

Carolyn Schmitt is from Falls Church, Virginia.
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