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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

Fall is a beloved, much anticipated time of the year, but being students, I and many others often watch the fleeting months of fall pass us by as we grind through our busy schedules and to-do lists. So I’ve been wondering: how can we enjoy autumn without much free time to do so? Here are some ways in which you can enjoy the season without neglecting your studious schedule.  

Find Cozy Autumnal Study Spots!

Whatever you’re accomplishing on your to-do list, you can usually change your scenery. The next time you’re hard at work, situate yourself in a spot that satisfies what you consider to be the ideal fall vibe, whether that’s a coffee shop, a cozy, dimly-lit library, or a bench next to a colorful tree.

Incorporate Autumn into Your Outfits and Makeup!

Even if you’re busy, it’s important to take at least a few minutes a day to focus on making yourself feel good. So when getting ready, take a moment to pick an outfit that’s fall-core! Try orienting your daily outfit selection to autumnal colors in your wardrobe such as reds, browns, or warm neutrals. Cozy up! Give your favorite coat, sweater, turtleneck, or fleece-lined tights a moment to shine. Pretend you’re a character from Gilmore Girls or When Harry Met Sally. You can even embrace the autumnal theme through your makeup as well. Try a wine-red lip, a terracotta blush, or warm brown eyeshadow! You’ll feel at one with fall’s beauty as you conquer the day. 

Munch and Sip on Seasonal Snacks!

The next time you’re running errands, pick up some seasonal snacks to spice up your study session. Common favorites are apple cider, pumpkin-flavored treats, Starbucks seasonal beverages, or cookie butter to spread on your favorite finger-food. If you have time, stop by Trader Joe’s for the ultimate seasonal treats. 

Listen to Fall-Core Music on the Way to Class!

When you get really busy, you might find that your only pockets of free time are the minutes when you’re commuting to class. Decorate this time through livening up these moments with autumnal music! Some fall-coded favs are artists like Noah Kahan, The Smiths, girl in red, the Arctic Monkeys. And (of course) Taylor Swift’s album Red (Taylor’s Version) deserves a mention. You can also find fall bops through perusing playlists on Spotify or Apple Music. Listening to music during commutes to class can also be incredibly therapeutic, as it serves as a moment to unwind and disconnect from stressors. 

Fall doesn’t have to pass us by because we’re busy. We can embrace autumn through incorporating its beauty and essence into the little moments and choices of our busy days. 

Julianne Sweeten is a writer at the Her Campus Charlottesville chapter. She is a student at the University of Virginia and also serves as a member of the American Medical Student Association and the Futures in Fashion Association. On the side, Julianne is an avid romantic, enjoying music, movies, and thrifting as well as spending time with friends, family, and her beloved dog Kooper.