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A Vegan’s Survival Guide to Spring Break

If you’re a fellow vegan, you may be aware of the struggles vegans face while traveling—especially if you’re heading somewhere foreign. If this is your first time as a traveling vegan, I am here with some insight! Here are some of my favorite tips to embark on a stress-free vacation where you experience the country’s beautiful culture and ~delicious~ cuisine!  


1. Pack LOTS of snacks

In reality, you don’t know what vegan options are going to be accessible in the country you are traveling to, so make sure you pack snacks just in case! Some of my favorite snacks to pack are granola bars, trail mix/nuts, and fruits like apples or clementines. Packing snacks that won’t get too destroyed in your luggage is essential for the trip!


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2. Do your research!!

Yelp has just become your new best friend! Researching restaurants before your trip can be really helpful in creating a seamless plan once you have arrived at your destination. You can even text your friends you’re traveling with beforehand regarding potential restaurants you, so everyone can be happy and give input! Additionally, planning some of your restaurants or at least having a list of options will make deciding where to eat much swifter and less stressful than making last-minute decisions!  


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3. Tell your friends in advance about your diet

Warning your friends about your veganism is key to having a great trip, especially if some of the group is unaware of your lifestyle. This allows them time before the trip to ask you any questions about veganism, and offers them time to better understand your vegan lifestyle. If your friends are ~real ones~, they will most likely be understanding, and take your dietary restrictions into consideration on the trip!  


Photo credit: Pexels.com


4. Stay positive during your trip!

Your friends or people you meet may bombard you with questions and comments about veganism on your trip. At one point, someone will definitely ask you, “why don’t you just break your veganism during this trip?” You may also be pressed with questions like, “why do you do it?” or comments like, “that sounds like torture!” Hopefully this doesn’t happen and you have amazing, understanding friends, but if it does, just try and stay positive! I know how it feels to be constantly asked these kinds of questions or hear negative comments, but stay positive and, more importantly, stay true to yourself!


Hopefully these tips are helpful for any vegans with upcoming travel plans. Have an amazing spring break, and make the most out of your vacation!


Hello! I'm Dahlia Hamandi, and I'm a fourth year media studies major at the University of Virginia. Some of my hobbies and passions include fashion, photography, cinematography, and watching an excessive amount of YouTube!     
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