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Underrated Study Spots That Will Get You Through Finals


A daunting obstacle lies between Thanksgiving break and the celebration of the cozy holiday season: finals week. The turnaround from relaxing with family and friends to cramming for exams is very quick. It’s actually quite insane that classes are basically over once we get back. Soon, every library will be filled with people who are stressed and sleep deprived. Although Clem 1 is a great quiet place to be productive, it gets way too stressful during exam season. Seeing others frantically studying makes me anxious, so I prefer studying in less popular spots. Check out these underrated places to study if you’d rather be in a chill environment and not somewhere super packed like me.


Study Rooms in New Cabell Hall

Throughout New Cabell, there are several study rooms on each floor. The lighting in there is great, and the view is usually very beautiful. People are also very quiet when working in them, so it’s a perfect place to do some solo studying.

Second Floor of Wilson Hall

I love studying in Wilson. Most of my classes are there, so I have found some awesome places to kill time. The second floor has a nice study lounge with several booth-like tables lined against the wall with a dope mural right across from it. Additionally, there are several conference rooms that are typically up for grabs – perfect for group studying. 

Nau Hall

I studied for all of my finals in Nau last semester and the natural lighting there really helped lighten the stressful mood. There is also a Starbucks there open on Monday to Friday, which was a great bonus. There is also a hidden classroom/study room on the first floor that no one really goes to; it is equipped with round tables, a couch (which I have napped on several times), and comfy chairs. 

Ruffner Hall

Ruffner is another great study spot that not many people go to. There is a lot of space dedicated to studying within the building, but my personal favorite is the hallway of round tables on the second floor. The LED bulbs there are clem level bright. 

Corner Joe

Corner Joe is the perfect cozy spot to study on the corner. It’s a pretty spacious coffee shop with great lattes and music. I don’t even have to listen to my own music while there because their playlist is my exact music taste. In addition, there are a plethora of food places around the area for you to treat yourself with after. (I reccomend checking out Thyme – which is literally 5 feet away).

Good luck studying for finals! I know it’s easier to say than to believe, but grades do not define you. The holiday awaits you after grinding for two straight weeks after Thanksgiving break!

Shirley is a fourth year at the University of Virginia. She loves coffee, books, and plants. She also hopes that you'll enjoy her articles!
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