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I don’t know about you but midterms have been taking me out and the only thing getting me through them is having a fun weekend of going out to look forward to. Doing my makeup and hair, chatting with my friends, and constructing the perfect outfit can be more fun than the actual going out. The one aspect that really ties it together is the music! Here’s the best songs on my GRWM (get ready with me) playlist that will get you hyped and set a fun tone for the night!

Headlines – drake

There’s nothing better than some Drizzy to start off the night! You would never think a violin beat could get you hyped up but in this case it sure does. He starts off the song saying “I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence” and that’s the exact attitude you need for a night out!

Poke it Out – playboi carti & nicki minaj

I’ll never understand how Carti can repeat the same three words over and over again and not make you sick of it, but listening to this song makes me wanna poke it out!!! Nicki’s bada** verse and the infectious beat just make the song even better.

shake sum (remix) – dababy & sexyy redd

This beat makes you want to get up and bust a move! This is the perfect song to make you channel your inner Sexy Redd and take on the night like a baddie. If you can listen to this without shaking your hips, then you’re not listening to it right!

drunk in love (homecoming live) – Beyoncé & jay-Z

Drunk in Love is already a classic but don’t get me started on the Coachella Homecoming version! The Arabic scales in the beginning and the “Swag Surfin” mashup make this majestic. You’ll be be dancing like Bey in the music video by the end of the song.

endgame – taylor swift ft. future and ed sheeran

This might be the oddest mix of artists but they did their thing! The combination of the different styles mixed with Future’s adlibs make this song a listening experience everyone can enjoy. The thought of turning up to Ed Sheeran may be comical but don’t knock it till you try it.

love me – lil wayne ft. Drake & future

The Big 3 teamed up to make this absolute masterpiece of a song. This is the perfect song to let loose, forget about that man, and get a taste of partying before doing the real thing. Like Lil Wheezy said, “I could give a f*ck bout no haters long as my b*tches love me’. Who needs a man when you have your besties?

get lucky – daft punk, pharrell williams, & nile rodgers

This is a slower song than the previously mentioned ones but it gets you going nonetheless. The guitar and Pharrell’s voice make you want to stay “up all night till the sun”. Hearing this literally makes me feel warm inside and is a cute break from the rest of the fast-paced beats on this playlist

thought i was playing – gunna & 21 savage

We already knew Gunna makes music for the baddies and this just confirms it. The electric beat + fire 21 Savage feature makes this a GRWM essential.

just dance – lady gaga ft. colby o’donis

What better song to warm up your dance skills than this classic? Remember what Lady Gaga says as you head into the night, no matter what happens just dance and all will be swell!

DESPUÉS de la playa – bad bunny

I saved the absolute best for last because nothing will get you going like Después de la Playa!!! Regardless of if you speak Spanish or not, the vibes of this song are enough to get you riled up. The beat change and instrumentals after Benito’s little mic tap sets me into an orbit. If you’re not up and dancing while listening to this I don’t know what to tell you.

I hope you all enjoy my playlist (the full version is available to add on HCUVA’s Spotify) and use it as you’re getting ready, driving to a function, or even just having a party by yourself!

Huma Khalid is a first year student at the University of Virginia intending to major in commerce. She is on the writing, Spotify, and Twitter teams for UVA's Her Campus. Outside of Her Campus, Huma is involved in the Outdoors Club, the Virginia Ski and Snowboard Team, Students for Justice in Palestine, and the Muslim Student Association. She is a also part of the Women’s Business Forum and volunteers through the Education and Youth division of Madison House. In her free time, Huma enjoys working out, journaling, spending time outdoors, and going to concerts!