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Confession time: I was once easily influenced. All it would take is my favorite influencer or celebrity using something and I would immediately buy it. Some of those things have been good finds, but the bulk of it would end in a disappointed expression on both my end and my bank accounts. For a period of time, I found myself saying “I’m going to get this” when I really should’ve been asking myself “Do I really need this?”. Most times the answer would’ve been no. In a world where new products are constantly being pushed out by our favorite influencers and celebrities, it’s easy to get wrapped up in wanting to have it all. If you struggle with being easily influenced or just want to make smarter decisions with your money stick around. Welcome to the art of de-influencing. 

Social Media vs Real Life

First things first, understand that most of the images and content created for social media isn’t always an accurate portrayal of real life. Influencers and celebrities are often paid to talk about products and although many pride themselves on being truthful, not everything is that simple. In the words of Coco Jones, “You would do it too for a check”. Realizing that not every product is a “must-have” in your collection is the first step in de-influencing. Before you hit check-out on that shopping cart, think about your current products or ask yourself how often you would use the new items you want to purchase.

Prioritize your life

Everyone’s life is different. Although we may have similar wants, our needs are often very specific to us. Even though we’d like to think that buying products we’ve seen online will help us achieve or fulfill something within us, they won’t. Sometimes they can leave us feeling worse than before. I know I was disappointed when a lip balm I once ordered after seeing a video online didn’t work as well as I thought it would. Instead of blindly following the opinions of others, reflect on what you like and the things that you currently have that fulfill that. After doing so, you may realize that you don’t need as many things as you think. When you put yourself first and take away the expectations of society, you’ll find yourself being able to make more conscious decisions.

Live in the Moment

It’s not as easy to be influenced when you aren’t constantly checking your socials and phone. One of the best ways to de-influence yourself is to live in the moment and cut down on your screen time. Instead of focusing on the latest trends or content being posted, focus on your daily routine and goals. Whether it be a cool project, getting back in the gym, or becoming an academic weapon, by shifting your focus to being the best version of yourself you’ll find yourself starting to place less of an emphasis on what others are saying. Exploring your interests outside of social media is one of the biggest keys to mastering the art of de-influencing.

Claire Tate is a first year writer at the HerCampus UVA chapter. She intends to major in Foreign Affairs and Public Policy. Outside of HerCampus she enjoys cooking, hanging out with her friends, and working out.