Syeda Mahbub '18

Name: Syeda Mahbub

Major: Economics

Year: Fourth

Quick! Choose between ______ or _______. 

1. Traveling the world or obtaining your dream job? 

Can I have the best of both worlds? I’ll land a great job that allows me the luxury to travel all over!

2. Champagne or a cocktail?

Cocktails because there are so many fun ones out there to try!

3. East Coast or West Coast?

I’ve probably been to over fifteen countries but within the US, I’ve never left the East Coast. So, based on that… I’d have to say East Coast!

4. If you weren't majoring in what you are now, what would you have chosen?

Probably Media Studies, because every class sounds incredibly fun and exciting! I would love to come to class and watch movies and analyze them.

5.  If you could switch lives with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Probably Emma Watson, she’s so beautiful both inside and out. She’s incredibly intelligent, witty and in general just a badass chick.

6. What’s your go to organizing tip for school?

Google calendars—I live by it. I can’t do anything without adding it to my Google calendar. Everyone should get it.

7. Describe your perfect day.

Trying a new food in a foreign country and going to landmarks and museums (funny enough this is also my idea of a perfect date).

8. If you could relive a UVA memory/experience what would it be?

Going abroad… I guess technically it wasn’t on-Grounds, but without UVA I wouldn’t have been able to go abroad in that capacity and live the experiences I did. I would spend all (except my first and last) semesters abroad if I could!