Studying Life Hack: Lo-Fi Beats

A concentration tactic that I swear by is listening to lo-fi study beats. There are tons of live stream lo-fi channels on Youtube, and the tunes always help with deep focus. I normally listen to coffeehouse songs while doing homework, but when I need to really study for a class, lo-fi is the way to go. To elaborate, lo-fi is an extension of hip hop combined with blues and jazz. There are often saxophone tones along with the piano and light drum beats in each track too.  The science behind this life hack is that the steady rhythm of lo-fi drives our brain to focus on tasks more deeply. Additionally, the calming aurora given by these beats help relieve stress and improve the usually anxious mood that comes with studying. 


More generally, listening to music while studying has been scientifically proven to increase productivity. There have been several studies that show how music makes repetitive tasks more pleasurable along with improving physical performance. 

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While classical music is another viable option, I often feel sleepy or bored when I listen to it. It is not a genre that helps me focus. If you’re looking for something that will keep you awake and make time go by faster, check out the lo-fi playlists linked below. 


lofi hip hop music - beats to relax/study to 

Christmas Lofi

Lo-Fi Beats