The Stages of Being Reunited With Your Best Friend

After weeks of being separated from your best friend, months in some cases, it’s finally almost time! With thanksgiving break around the corner, so is your reunion!

1.     Of course you two have been having weekly Skype sessions counting down the days until you see each other.


2.     Before you know it, there’s only one day until your reunion and you two Snapchat each other constantly as each hour passes.



3.     If your reunion is in a public place people will stop and stare as you two run to each other and scream at the top of your lungs.


4.     If it’s in private you still will scream at the top of your lungs.


5.     You will immediately fill each other in on the most recent events in your life and your friend will keep up because she knows about all the people in your life due to the weekly skype sessions.


She did tell you not to hook up with that guy from down the hall.

6.     You will spend every day together and get extremely defensive when people try to suggest you two do other things.


7.     You will do all the things that you guys used to do together (aka eat copious amounts of food and sing aloud to the radio obnoxiously).















8.     Soon the end of break will come and you two will have to go back to your respective colleges.




























9.     The goodbye will be teary and you two will wonder why you ever decided to go to different colleges.







10.  But everything will be fine because you two are already counting down the days to Christmas break!