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Spritz Birds: Adorable and Cheap Home Décor You Never Knew You Needed

I love festive home decor. My roommates and I decorate our apartment for every holiday, and we stumbled upon the BEST accent piece: Spritz Birds. Sold at Target for only $5 each, these stuffed bird figurines have become a staple item in our household. We honestly bought one bird as a joke, and then we saw this Tik Tok and ended up like the creator. The best part about these birds is that they have personalities! Almost all of them have a metal name tag attached to their leg, which adds a perfect touch of charm. My roommates and I look forward to the new birds that are released for each holiday, and our collection has grown quite large. Low and behold, here is our adorable bird figurine family:

  1. 1. Tom the Pilgrim

    spritz pilgrim bird

    Tom was the first bird we ever got, and he was actually from Michaels. He is a great addition to Friendsgivings and is the perfect color palette for fall. His bowtie and tophat screams authority, giving him leader status in the family.

  2. 2. Holly the Turkey

    Spritz turkey bird

    Holly is actually a new addition to the family this year. While she is not the same shape or size as most Spritz birds, she has a gorgeous patterned turkey tail. We saw her at Target and couldn’t resist. She resembles a loving mother of 4, who will definitely feed you during Thanksgiving.

  3. 3. Clove the Sledder

    spritz winter bird

    Clove is a super cute white bird that we got around Christmas time last year. He is a competitive sledder who presides in our decorative sled,  filled with chocolates. His knit hat and sweater are a wintertime favorite, and he becomes the center of attention right after Thanksgiving.

  4. 4. Powell the Skier

    spritz ski bird

    Powell is a new addition to the flock, and he is Clove’s long lost brother. They train separately throughout the year for their respective winter sports and reunite during the holiday season. His Christmas hat, winter coat, and skis are too freaking cute to pass up.

  5. 5. The birds of Apartment 28

    spritz bird collage

    These adorable ornaments were only $3 each, and a must buy for our apartment. My roommates, boyfriend, and I all chose one that resembled us, and now they live on our lovely Christmas tree.

  6. 6. Fuschia the Flamingo

    summer decorative bird

    Despite her summer-y aesthetic, Fuschia was available at Target around Valentine’s day. She adds a great pop of color to our coffee table and remains there from February to September.

If you’re looking for some fun cheap decor, I totally recommend heading to your local target (or target.com) and picking up these birds. Be careful though, because you might weirdly get obsessed with them like my apartment has.