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The Spoopiest Bob’s Burgers Episodes to Pumpkin Spice Up Your Halloween

Holy cow it’s Fall, not only Fall but October (read: Halloween) and midterms season (read: no sleep season) here at UVA. What’s that, you say you’re super busy but still want to get into the mood of the season? Well, have I got just the show for you: Bob’s Burgers. Episodes are only 20 minutes, so they make for the perfect study break.

Now I hear you, ‘Um, Bob’s Burgers doesn’t really have a ~Halloween~ vibe, where are the skeletons? The blood? The candy?’

Courtesy of Giphy


Well folks, that’s where you’re WRONG. For your spooping and procrastinating pleasure, I have compiled a list of THE spookiest episodes of Bob’s Burgers ever to air.

Here’s to procrastinating and candy:

Courtesy of Giphy


Season 1:

“Crawl Space” (Can I just point out what a throwback this is? The animation has come such a long way)“Weekend at Morts”

 Season 2:

“The Belchies” 

Season 3:

“Full Bars”“The Deepening” (Arguably the greatest Bob’s Burgers episode ever)“O.T. the Outside Toilet” 

Season 4:

“A River Runs Through Bob”

“Fort Night”“Christmas in the Car” (Is it too early for Christmas stuff...?)“Wharf Horse” / “World Wharf II: The Wharfening” 

Season 5:

“Tina and the Real Ghost”“Housetrap” 

Season 6:

“The Hauntening” 

Season 7:

“Flu-Ouise”“Teen-A-Witch”“The Last Gingerbread House on the Left”“Into the Mild” 

Season 8:

“The Silence of Louis”“The Wolf of Wharf Street”“Bleakening” (Parts I & II)“Mo Money Mo Problems” 

Season 9:

This season is currently airing! If you’re like me and obviously have an unhealthy obsession with the show then I’m sure you’re following along and know there are unfortunately no spoopy episodes as of yet. 


TL;DR Bob’s Burgers in unexpectedly spooky, happy October, you go this 

Courtesy of Giphy  

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