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Rent the Runway On Campus Opportunities

Rent the Runway has blown up on campuses throughout the nation with its innovative concept that allows girls the opportunity to wear fabulous, designer, expensive dresses for a fraction of the cost by renting them. They also have jewelry and accessories to complete the look as well! Rent the Runway has become a hit at UVA, as tons of girls have looked to the site for dresses for events anywhere from Foxfield to Parent’s Formal. Although many of you reading this are already familiar with the site- you can now become even more engaged by gaining an internship with RTR as a brand ambassador for your campus!
Rent the Runway is offering exciting opportunities for the fashion lover- wishing to gain experience in entrepreneurial, leadership, business management and marketing. Working with RTR will allow you to get a hands-on experience while learning practical skills in a fun way- through fashion! RTR only requires a one-year commitment to the team and an individual commitment of 10-15 hours/ week, so it is the perfect opportunity to be able to focus on schoolwork while still doing something fun and more importantly gaining practical experience in the real world. Not to mention- access to summer internships at RTR and and discounts!
Our very own, HerCampus writer, Mimi Montgomery works as the Co-Greek liaison this year and has had an amazing experience- she said that working with the company can lead to summer internships and jobs after college as well. Stay in the know by following the UVA Rent the Runway page on Facebook.  
UVA even has its own special promo code – enter UVAFREEDRESS at check-out through 6/1 for a complimentary second style, minimum order value $75.
Here is a list of the positions available for the 2012-2013 School Year:
·      Responsible for coordinating the campus team’s organization and operations
·      2 required phone calls with RTR College Coordinator each month
·      Responsible for hosting a weekly meeting on campus with other reps (provides weekly agenda and task                lists)
·      Responsible for sending meeting recaps /notes to team members and RTR College team
·      Responsible for referrals and filling open positions if available
·      Responsible for team growth and for hiring next year’s Runway Reps
·      Responsible for staying on top of weekly emails from corporate and reiterating “to-do’s” to the team in order        to meet deadlines
·      Responsible for meeting member/ customer goals
·      Responsible for strategizing an effective marketing plan to promote Rent the Runway on campus – the                  “marketing mind” of the group
·      Responsible for understanding the target audience and connecting with people in a way that is fun and                impactful
·      Responsible for creating an “RTR voice” and for determining the best way to educate your campus about the        brand
·      Works closely with Social Media and PR Reps to ensure their plans align with the overall marketing strategy        to increase brand awareness and the number of rentals on your campus
·      Responsible for meeting member/ customer goals
·      Responsible for managing the use of online social programming (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, etc.) to          promote Rent the Runway and create an “RTR voice” on campus
·      Responsible for setting aggressive social media goals and updating the team throughout the semester on              your progress
·      Posts to Facebook at least 3-5 times per week with interesting and fun content (daily deals/promotions,                reminders, RTR new styles, “Trend of the Week,” etc.)
·      Responsible for hosting at least 2 Facebook competitions per month throughout the semester
·      Responsible for increasing Facebook “likes”
·      Updates Twitter daily
·      Responsible for meeting member/ customer goals
·      Responsible for sharing information with the community/public on behalf of Rent the Runway
·      Builds and maintains Rent the Runway’s image, reputation, vision and influence around campus through            various media outlets
·      Builds and maintains relationships with newspapers, broadcast stations, local organizations and                              online/print publications that are popular on campus to convey RTR news/events
·      Responsible for publishing 2 articles in campus newspaper each semester
·      Responsible for 1 feature spread in a local magazine
·      Responsible for meeting member/ customer goals
·      Responsible for planning and organizing all Runway Rep events on and off campus
·      In addition to creating RTR events, the event coordinator works to PARTNER with existing events                          happening on campus to effectively build the brand
·      In executing events, the event coordinator is responsible for maintaining Rent the Runway’s image,                      reputation, vision and influence around campus
·      Builds and maintains relationships with relevant partners
·      Responsible for booking event space, arranging for food/beverage if applicable, ordering necessary supplies,        making necessary purchases, creating and distributing marketing materials (invitations, flyers,                              advertisements)
·      Works closely with Social Media and PR Reps  to spread the word about the event
·      Responsible for managing on-site production and clean-up for events as necessary
·      Responsible for submitting expenses for reimbursement
·      Proposes new ideas to improve the event planning and implementation process
·      Serves as liaison with RTR on event-related matters
·      Responsible for meeting member/ customer goals
·      Responsible for facilitating a relationship between Rent the Runway and Greek life on campus
·      Works closely with marketing/PR Reps and event coordinator to advertise effectively
·      Responsible for requesting social calendars and list serves at the start of each semester
·      Responsible for visiting sorority chapter meetings before any of the team’s events, contests or special                    promotions (i.e. to distribute promo cards that are sent from RTR Corporate each semester/to communicate        messaging that is on our RTR Facebook page or Runway Rep emails)
·      Responsible for partnering with existing events happening on campus to effectively build the brand
·      Responsible for meeting member/ customer goals
Convinced that this is the perfect opportunity for you? Apply here

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