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Rain, Rain, Go Away, Stay Away until Saturday….

No one likes the damp misery of the cold creeping into their skin as they first roll out of bed, or the sight out the window as they trek to their 9 am classes in the pouring rain. Even though galoshes and rain coats are a chic girl’s best friend to incorporate style into appropriate weather wear, buckets of water splashing down from the sky is not the ideal commuting weather. Here are some creative activities to do with friends to cheer up when the gloomy weather has you down! k

1. Pottery Making

Who doesn’t enjoy expressing their creative side a bit? Make a mug, bowl, or plate for ordinary household use, or get fancy with small statues and figures to spread some colorful cheer around your dormitory space. If you don’t have a local pottery painting place close by, visit your local arts and crafts store for some ideas as well as pick your own brushes and paints. Handmade pottery items also make inexpensive, heartfelt gifts to loved ones to further spread some smiles! 

2. Bowling Bash

The inner child in all of us enjoys the fun of a good bowling time. Don’t forget to bring along your camera to snap some funny pictures. Try out a photo booth if they have one there, or spend your extra change in the arcade or at laser tag if it’s offered at the facility. The more friends you take along with you, the lower the prices tend to be, by the way. Enjoy the indoors while summer is still far, far away!

3. Movie Marathon

This upcoming weekend catch up on your favorite Netflix series, or do an older classic movie marathon. Some suggestions are Harry Potter (then go see the final one still playing in theaters!), Lord of the Rings, Disney-themed/favorites, Avengers, Scary movies, black-and-white (Casablanca anyone?), and don’t forget to bring the popcorn!

4. Have a Girls’ Day

Have your friends all gather around in a common space. Grab your best nail polishes, your celebrity magazines, snacks, and good tunes to have a girl’s party where you can catch up with one another (finally, right…?! :)) and treat one another with shoulder massages, nail treatments, and brand new hair-dos.

5. Shopping Spree!

Hit up your local outlet or mall (make a whole day out of it!), and some good sales. Winter blues always mean an excuse to smile again, and nothing like a brand-new outfit or accessories to help do just that. Think ahead to future holidays (Valentine’s Day anyone?), upcoming birthdays, or just surprise gifts you can treat loved ones with as they come through the cold with you. Just remember to think thrifty, and not be guilty at the end of the day of that credit card balance hitting zero!

I hope you enjoy trying out some of these fun ideas with your pals, and take advantage of the gloomy weather to look for ways to turn your frown upside down!

P.S. Some species of chimpanzees and monkeys have actually been seen and recorded doing this without prior human intervention. Thank you monkeys for showing us how to use an umbrella! :)





Meg is a student at Haverford College and plays field hockey for the college. She is an interested writer.
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