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Foxfield is quickly approaching and whether it’s your first, last, (or anywhere in between), time attending, we know that you have counted down to this beautiful spring day for months and months. Now that it’s finally almost here, the anticipation all boils down to one elusive question echoing in the closets of collegiettes everywhere: What should I wear?

You may decide to wait until the last moment and just throw on whatever is convenient or whatever you can find. Read: Big mistake. The likelihood of finding a perfect outfit fifteen minutes before the festivities begin is pretty much zero. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! We’ve outlined four easy ways you can dress for the big day. Feel free to add your own variations to these looks!

1: The Simple, Layered Sundress that says effortless chic. This style actually requires very little putting together. Pick from soft pastel colors like cool greens, blues, peaches, pink, and yellows. Look for an understated dress, such as a long maxi or a shorter dress with very thin straps. You can accessorize with a clutch in a neutral tone or a statement piece of jewelry. Keep your footwear simple for this look.

2. The About-To-Sail-A-Yacht-Later Look. The title pretty much says it all. The dress’ colors should be in the navy blue and white range. Keep an eye out for stripes, polka dots, stars, and anchors. Did I mention anchors? The style of the dress can vary from flowy, to a baby-doll style, to a maxi, or even an A-line cut. You can break up the simplicity of the navy blue and white with the addition of brightly colored flats. 

3. The I-Waited-Too-Long-For-This-To-Not-Get-Dolled-Up Look. This look requires a dressier style, so be on the look out for Peplum or belted dresses. Any eye-catching pop of color would do, but we especially suggest coral, bright pink, neon, etc. Accessorize with numerous bangles and bracelets (and of course don’t forget an emergency hair tie!) Incorporate various cocktail rigs or midi rings for an extra glamorous look.

4. The Patterned Look. Add some diversity to the crowd of typical Foxfield dresses with patterns and prints (no cheetah or zebra for this event, please!) Any style dress will work perfectly with prints, and long-layered necklaces are the ideal accessories. You can be a little more adventurous with footwear… explore strappy or gladiator sandals in shades of brown and bronze!