Not So Spooky This October: The First All-Female Spacewalk!


Photo by Edvin Richardson


Clearly at HCUVA, we are all about female empowerment. That means that whenever we see some boss lady shit, we’ve got to say something! Fridays are usually pretty exciting, but Jessica Meir and Christina Koch decided to go and one up all of our Friday plans by carrying out the first all-female spacewalk last Friday, October 18. 



                    Photo by Pixabay


By late 2019, you would hope that this wouldn’t be news. Women can do anything, that’s not debatable! This should have happened a long time ago. STEM fields have always been dominated by men, however, and space is no exception. Fourteen women have completed spacewalks as compared to 213 men (Devlin, 2019). However, those fourteen women proved that it IS possible and that we need to keep pushing!


So, to all the girls out there getting that education, let this empower you! And Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, we salute you.


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