Nicole Muller '15

Nicole Muller is only a first year, but has already left her impact on the Charlottesville community and the nation. Nicole founded Neighbors-4-Neighbors as a small food drive in her Charlottesville neighborhood two years ago. Since then, it has blossomed into a program collecting enough food to amp up the supplies of food banks nationwide. Nicole’s impressive resume doesn’t stop there; Nicole is a student leader on the Schools Fight Hunger Board and has received a variety of recognitions for her achievements.  We were able to sit down with this modern day superwoman and learn a little more about her.

What prompted you to start Neighbors-4-Neighbors?
The recession. And so many people who didn’t need to go to the food bank before, were now starting to go. The food banks were also really low on supplies.

What are some organizations that participate in Neighbors-4-Neighbors?
There are a lot of different people donating nationwide, but there are also different governors’ offices, schools, and churches. The girl scouts help a lot too.

What was your involvement on the Schools Fights Hunger Board?
I planned a giant food drive at my high school for two years. (Right here in Charlottesville at Western Albemarle High School! )

What has been your proudest moment in all of this?
I got to see the reaction of a woman when I brought the food in. She was extremely thankful. She had kids with her too which was very touching.

What is your current goal in Neighbors-4-Neighbors?
I set a goal of pounds and each time I reach that goal, I set a new one. The goal originally started out at 1000 pounds. We are currently at 150,000 and the next goal is 200,000. I would also like for more people to get involved campaigning in their area for food donations.  

Do you find it difficult to balance school work and your organization?
It does take a while to email and organize, but it’s definitely worth it.