Nicole Chaney '18

Name: Nicole Chaney

Major: Spanish & Foreign Affairs

Year: Third

If you weren't in school right now what would you be doing?

I would probably be auditioning for shows in New York City and nanny-ing on the side to actually make an income.


Favorite hobby?

Musical theatre! I love seeing shows, but above all I love performing in them. My favorite of all time has to be: Phantom of the Opera.


What's your go to organization tip?

Make lists! They are the best and it feels so good to check things off as you get them done.


When you're stressed out what helps you calm down?

It depends on my mood. Yoga always calms me down, but sometimes I just need a good chocolate chip cookie- because, who doesn’t?


Top 2017 resolution?

Appreciating the small moments more…like walks with my dog.


Favorite class you've taken so far at UVA and why?

My favorite class has been Acting I. I took it first semester of 1st year and it was such a good way to get to know people because it was such a small class. There were people of all different years and majors, but we got along so well and had a great time doing weird acting games together.


Choose between….

Galentines or Valentines:  Galentines , for sure. Girl power! Who needs boys, am I right? Leslie Knope knows what's up.

New Girl or Modern Family: Modern Family hands down. I love the banter between Cam and Mitch and pretty sure that Lily is my spirit animal.

Sexy Spaniard or Romantic Italian:  Neither? Not really my type. But if I had to choose, I’d go with the sexy Spaniard because we could speak Spanish together and that's hot right?

Tropical vacation or Cozy ski trip: Cozy ski trip, I burn way too easily in the sun (sigh).