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The boredom that could stem from walking to class, taking a shower, folding clothes, and cooking yourself a meal could all be solved with a great podcast. While listening to the same 5 songs certainly also provides a level of comfort, I love to change up my listening habits with either a comedic, educational, or health and wellness podcast. I sort of think of it like habit stacking. I could learn something while putting on a face mask or laugh while walking down the aisle in the grocery store. Now that’s productive! There’s also nothing better than waking up on a weekday morning, and realizing that your favorite pod came out with a brand new episode. So, what podcasts do I listen to? It definitely depends on my mood, but if you want to integrate this form of entertainment into your daily routine, you’ve found the right article. Here are some suggestions that I’ve compiled from being an avid podcast listener and lover: 

@ Lexie Podcast 

This one is hosted by Lexie Lombard, who formerly lived in New York City but now lives out West in California. It’d be tough to categorize this one since she’s touched on topics such as “accomplishment addiction,” “how to be a hot girl,” “getting back with an ex,” and “how to stop complaining.” I love this show because it always keeps me guessing. The beginning segment she discusses is usually a weekly catch-up that then centers on whatever the pod title is for that week. Lexie always provides great book recommendations, funny storytelling, and an advice segment in the wrap-up Q&A she does every week with listeners’ questions. Her past episodes provide really great insight into living in Brooklyn and the whole NYC lifestyle, while her more recent shows reflect the west coast lifestyle that she now finds herself taking on. @ Lexie posts new episodes every Tuesday on the Spotify app. 

Gals on the Go 

Gals on the Go is a podcast hosted by best friends Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio. Both have YouTube channels, but their podcast is a platform they take on together for their weekly catchup and “favorites,” song of the week segment, and a new theme every episode. This show feels like listening on FaceTime to two friends’ banter and inside jokes, and it is always super funny, relaxing, and entertaining. Although they sometimes have guests which are often other YouTubers, the past topics they’ve covered as a duo have been “guilty pleasures,” “friendships in your 20s,” and “navigating post grad life.” Both also live in New York City, so they definitely also cover a lot of what city living is really like including housing debacles, latest trends, and restaurant/activity recommendations. Gals on the Go posts every Wednesday morning both on the Spotify app and YouTube for their video version. 

Not Your Typical with Katelynn Nolan 

Now to take a turn toward the health and wellness side of things, Katelynn Nolan hosts this podcast that covers topics like falling out of routine, being “that girl,” and goal-setting. In addition to “wellness-related topics,” episodes also include a weekly catchup, journal prompt, and Katelynn’s not-so-typical dislike and obsession. I promise her posts every Monday on the Spotify app provide weekly motivation that will really just make you want to get your life together. 

The Skinny Confidential 

I would say this show falls under the “educational” category for me. Lauren and Michael Bosstick interview different guests like Ed Mylett (business entrepreneur), Dr. Daryl Gioffre, (longevity expert), and Victoria Garrick (TED talk and mental health speaker) to provide insights and give listeners a look into those fields. Their conversations, while teaching me something everytime, always include a lot of humor and banter as well so it is certainly not too dry! The perfect podcast to educate yourself with, and they post on Spotify every Monday and Thursday. 

Welcome to Paradise 

Finally, Sophia Kelly is the ultimate “cool girl,” recording from her dreamy loft in downtown Los Angeles, she covers topics ranging from “discipline v. motivation,” “soulmates and monogamy,” and “to care or not to care.” Deviating from any “basic” topics, these shows feel almost like a look into her inner world since they are super vulnerable, stream-of-consciousness-like, and never feel scripted or pre-planned. She posts every Tuesday on Spotify, and I highly recommend checking it out.

My name is Julia Cloppse, I am a second year at UVA and I'm from Staten Island, New York!