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The Most Notable Throwback Toys of Our Generation

You heard it here first: Toys “R” Us is beginning to close its doors after filing for bankruptcy. As a girl who spent countless hours running around the toy store chain as a child, I felt it necessary to reminisce. Here are some of the most notable throwback toys our parents definitely bought us at Toys “R” Us.


1. Easy-Bake Oven

A classic. Although its ultimate goal was likely to groom us into would-be housewives, I was definitely an oven addict. The fact that we could eat food cooked by lightbulbs fascinates me to this day.

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

2. Beanie Babies

Now an item that can cost upwards of $400 on Ebay, beanie babies used to cover my bed while I was sleeping. My favorite was Brigitte the Poodle.


3. Magic 8 Ball

The only proper way to make all of our life decisions. Does he like me? Should I lie to my parents? The 8 ball always knew the right answer.


4. Legos

Other than the excruciating pain of stepping on one, Legos were the absolute best. They could keep me occupied for hours. It’s a wonder I didn’t become an architect.

Photo by Omar Albeik on Unsplash

5. Ferbies

I can’t say anyone truly understood these things, but it didn’t mean we didn’t have one. They were cute in their own creepy sort of way, right?


6. Nerf Guns

The ultimate way to settle an argument with your siblings. Although, in hindsight they may have been promoting gun violence…


7. Silly Putty

Fun fact! Silly Putty was created by accident during World War 2 in an attempt to create an inexpensive substitute for synthetic rubber. Now, its function is just to disgust every parent in America.


8. Razor Scooters

The ultimate vehicle! I used to reach very unsafe speeds on my scooter and feel like a total badass. Helmet was required on one of these bad boys.

Photo by 童 彤 on Unsplash


9. Tamagotchis

Another toy attempting to strengthen good parenting skills. When my Tomagotchi died, I never forgave myself…


10. Silly Bandz

Pretty sure I still have these lying around. As the most recent fad on the list, these are most likely to have been the last Toys “R” Us purchase you made as a child. RIP.

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