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Kay Khosbayar ’18

Name: Kay Khosbayar

Year: First

Hometown: Centreville, Virginia

Major: Foreign Affairs and Russian Studies


What are you involved in?

Project Inspire: It’s a dance mentorship program where we go to a local elementary school and mentor other girls.  We teach them leadership and teamwork skills through various activities. We have a showcase in April that I’m really excited about!


What is your day-to day style?

Riding boots, leggings and big sweater. It’s really simple usually because it’s grab and go in the mornings! I make sure I’m always put together. On days with more time, my go to outfit consists of wedges, nice fitted jeans, and a plain top with a structured jacket on top. I love jackets with distinct shoulder embellishments, especially military style.


If you could switch your wardrobe with anyone for a day who would it be and why?

I would totally switch my style with Olivia Pope for a day- she’s perfect on Scandal! Her clothes scream “I’m a strong independent woman who has her career down”- that’s what I aspire to be. I want people to look at me and say: “That girl is successful, she has her life together.”


Not to sound too Miss Universe-y, but if you could change one thing about the world: what would that be?

I would want people to focus on giving a lot more aid to second world countries. We currently pay a lot of attention to dire need countries, and they should obviously be a priority, but we need to pay attention to second world countries as well. These countries still have thousands of people in need, and they might be democratic on paper, but in practice they’re still extremely corrupt.


What’s the most vital thing you’ve learned your first year at UVA?

I’ve learned that home cooking is very important. I’ve realized that a good home cooked meal is extremely essential to one’s well being.


You’re going on a beach road trip: what are the three fashion items that you bring with you?

1)    A sarong—because you can make that into anything: a scarf, an outfit, a skirt, etc.

2)    A really big hat- to cover those bad beach hair days

3)    And sunglasses of course, preferably aviators!


If you had a time machine, what time in your life would you travel back to?

Back to the time when I was in Paris, that was the happiest time of my life. Just being in the city made me so happy, I was smiling ear to ear the whole time. There’s something about Paris, there’s always something about Paris. I think I could marry Paris, if that was possible. I’m being dead serious.


Choose between:

Gold Watch or Gold Bracelet

Bow Ties or Ties

Heels or Wedges

Cardigan or Blazer

Maxi Dress or Sundress 

Smile, it makes you live longer! 
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