Iconic Middle School Trends That Should Return

Although middle school consists of many awkward memories and cringey photos, I do have to admit that there were some amazing trends. We often forget about our inner child, and I believe that bringing back tacky bracelets and video games will make us feel not only nostalgic but also a little bit more carefree again. As a result, I have compiled a list of 5 awesome trends that should make a comeback. 

1. Silly Bandz 

Photo via @originalsillybandz on Instagram 

Silly Bandz were quite the accessory. I remember going to the local convenience store with my friends and buying different packs to share. They were simple, cheap, and straight up fun. I actually still wear one on my wrist today. 

2. Neopets 

Photo via @neopetsofficialaccount on Instagram 

I recently saw someone in class play a Neopets game during lecture, and it brought me back. This was such a fun website, and it’s surprisingly still running today! 

3. Music videos 

Between 2010-2013, music videos were incredibly popular on Youtube. There was a whole community of music video editors who created stop motion jump cut music videos to pop songs. I honestly joined in on the trend during this time too, and it was so much fun. Although editing took hours, I’m happy to say that I know Sony Vegas Pro and iMovie extremely well because of it. 

4. Friendship bracelets 

Photo via @friendship.bracelets.by.talia on Instagram 

Friendship bracelets are a timeless classic, but I will always associate it with middle school. Given all of the free time we had, my friends and I would always look up patterns on friendship-bracelets.net to try. I’m pretty sure my friends and I had matching bracelets too.

5. Tumblr 

This website is middle school gold. The soft grunge edgy hipster era came into fruition late 2011 and settled in during 2012. Tumblr has every relatable quote, gif, and artsy photo one could ever want. Just like how “vsco girls” are a trend right now, being a “tumblr girl” was one back then.