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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

Recently I’ve struggled with the feeling of life flying past me and not being able to do anything to slow it down. It’s as if I blinked and I went from a fresh high school graduate to nearly a third year in college. Sometimes this sensation gets so intense I feel as though I’m just watching my life go by instead of actively participating in it. 

Everyone tried to warn me that college would go by quickly. At first I thought they were crazy, especially during those long study nights or lectures that felt like they were never ending, but somewhere along the way I started to understand what they meant. Life started to fly past me and I couldn’t handle it. I started being filled with this sense of urgency and panic that time was moving so fast and I couldn’t do anything to stop it even momentarily. I realized I’d never get these moments back. 

I tried to journal or take photos more frequently to capture all the fleeting moments that were becoming memories in my head, but the sensation of life passing me by continued anyway. Eventually I learned to not worry so much about capturing all the moments or utilizing every second of my time in college. I no longer worry about wasting time and I’ve learned to be in the moment instead of constantly thinking about the future. College does start to fly by, believe it or not, but you can still enjoy the time you spend there. 

Hey I'm Erin, a third year at UVA who can be found under a pile of books hiding from my responsibilities or asking my friends to watch old movies with me so we can debate over whether they have truly aged well or not.