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How Not to Lose Your Sense of Style During the Winter

 It’s starting to get cold and windy as we move through November and into the winter season, making it easy to sacrifice style for warmth. Many, including myself, reach for warmer articles of clothing to combat the side effects of winter and the dreaded addition of snow. Winter time means boarding up the cute shoes, the flowy summer dresses, and packing on the layers to stay dry, but this doesn’t mean all is lost in terms of your sense of style. In this article, I will give you five easy tips on how to bundle up for the harsh winter ahead without hiding underneath parkas and multiple layers, so you can still look extra fabulous trekking around Grounds.


1. The Tuck In


This easy trick is well favored in all seasons and will help you to complete your overall look. What is simple in nature will help finish your outfit and give it that extra boost it needs during the winter time. There are many different types of tucking in your shirt, from a full tuck to a partial tuck, even a side tuck. All would elevate your style. Tucking in your shirt pulls together your outfit in an effortless manner that can still keep you warm. I prefer to use the half tuck method with my thick flannels during the winter season and pair them with some jeans and boots like the photo above. If I planned on doing a full tuck, I would add an eye catching belt to draw attention to my waist or add a sweater over my flannel if it was extra cold outside. The tricky part with the side tuck is to keep it in place. For this I would use a button down with more structure to it, rather than a T-shirt or flannel that is more suited for a full or half tuck.


2. Put a Hat on it



My ears are usually the first thing that gets cold during the winter and leaving my hair down to cover them while windy, well, let’s just say I usually don’t usually wear any lipstick or lip gloss. Until recently, hats have really only been a trend in two instances. The first being baseball caps, which require a certain time and place for them to be considered stylish. The second time would be floppy hats, most commonly seen during the fall months in neutral and dark tones. Recently, however, the beanie has been making a comeback and fashion bloggers were quick to pick up the trend and showcase it in multiple stylish ways. Add in the pom pom on top for a cute, quirky feature that’s an added bonus to the overall look. I personally prefer the beanies in black, like shown above, because it can rotate stylishly with multiple outfits.


3. Sparkle, Sparkle


It’s holiday season and sparkle galore. Add in a few key pieces that shine to add some liveliness to your outfit. Opt for some shimmering earrings or add in a bracelet that twinkles in the lights. Use these to help make your outfit pop in the classroom and out on the town. I like to add to my outfit sparkly earrings because they are right by your eyes and can bring the attention to your face. Earrings are so easy to work with and go with any kind of style. I personally go for longer earrings when wearing turtle necks because of the contrasting length. This is a place where you can play with color too if you’re a little hesitant to try in other parts of your outfit. The different shades of blue, as shown in the photo above, really help bring color into an otherwise typically duller season.


4. Tis’ the Season for Scarves



Scarves are an awesome fashion accessory to stock up in for all seasons, but for winter in particular you want to go for the thick, oversized ones. It’s easy to play with scarves, like with earrings, to add in contrasting elements of color and pattern to your outfit. If you’re in an especially colder area, scarves are a necessity. They add that extra layer of warmth but in a way that won’t compromise your style. When looking for scarves for the winter, it’s important to keep in mind the weight and fabric of the scarf. You want to find something that will be oversized and thick enough to keep you warm, but also sturdy to handle wind, rain, and snow. I would go for something with a pattern or color as well to cover obvious signs of wear and tear.   


5. Winter Socks


For many of us, the snow will make it hard to wear cute shoes without damaging them. Enter Duck Boots by L.L. Bean. These have become a staple for many college women, as they offer protection from rain and snow. Despite their practicality, they can be hard to style when trying to create a cute outfit. One of the common ways I have seen women fashionably outdo the brown and blue colorings is to add in colorful socks. Similar to the advice I offered with earrings and scarves, socks are a great way to add in color and pattern in a way that showcases your personality and brings some extra pizzazz to your outfit. Socks are a great way to keep your toes warm while still maintaining your style.




I hope these tips help you when trying to figure out how to navigate your style during the winter months. It can be a challenge to stay fashionable when facing obstacles like wind and snow, but it is definitely possible! If you are ever facing doubt about elevating your style during the winter, check back to this article to help you figure out ways to personalize and maximize optimal levels of style without giving up survival necessities, like staying warm.


Third year at UVA majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies.
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