How to Make Money on Instagram

College students often have three things in common: We need money, we don’t have money, we post photos on Instagram.

What if we could solve problems 1 and 2 with number 3? Talk about a breakthrough! While it might seem difficult to gain a loyal following on Instagram, it’s actually quite possible to monetize your Instagram if you are dedicated enough.


1. Post frequently.

You have to post at least one photo per day, and it has to be good. While you could post another photo of your latte from Starbucks, try to go for something more unique and eye-catching.


2. Be selective with your hashtags.

While hashtags can help grow your following and increase your account visibility, you should only chose a few key hashtags per photo (10-20 max) and be sure to enter down in your caption bar so that the hashtags don’t actually show unless the viewer expands the caption box to “read more.” Hashtags are a great way to increase your following quickly.


3. Follow!

Follow accounts with similar posts to your own or follow people who follow those accounts. If you’re interested in travel, food, fitness, etc., you should plug yourself into those communities by commenting, liking, and following other users in the network. You don’t have to stay following the accounts forever, but it’s a good way to get other people to check out your account.


4. Reach out to brands.

Once you’ve gained an active following, you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to brands or companies you’d like to be affiliated with. If you’re going on vacation, sometimes you can contact the hotel and ask for a room rate discount in exchange for a few features on your Instagram. If you’re into hiking or outdoor activities, reach out to your favorite fitness apparel companies and ask if you can be sent some of the product to rep on your page!


5. Profit!!

If you’ve been able to set up brand connections, you’ll begin to profit on affiliate codes, sponsored posts, and more!


Getting paid to Instagram is not as glamorous as it sounds and can take a lot of work, but the perks of the lifestyle sound like it might be worth a try!