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How to Ensure You Have a Fun, and Safe, Halloween

Halloweekend is always a wild college affair filled with crazy costumes, parties, and fun. Unfortunately, the weekend can also be dangerous. Using these tips will help to ensure that the weekend is a great one. 

1. Think about how you are getting home ahead of time.

Before you go out, think about how you will be getting home. Is there a bus that you can take? Can someone walk you home? Will you be staying at a friend’s house? Make sure you have a plan for the end of the night.

2. Stick with friends.

Don’t bounce from party to party by yourself. Have at least one friend who comes with you.

3. Pour your own drinks.

If you go to a party, try to make your own drink. It is hard to tell how much alcohol is in a punch bowl or a drink made by another person, especially if the drink contains a lot of sugar. Monitoring the amount of alcohol you are consuming will allow you to have a fun time while also not losing control.

4. Eat and drink water.

Make sure before you go out that you have something of substance in your stomach, and that you are well hydrated. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Avoid the hangover by taking care of your body.

5. Bring a legal form of ID.

It is always good to have your real ID on you when you go out, just in case something happens. Tuck it into your bra or in your shoe if your costume doesn’t give you a great place to put it.

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