Hottest Pics of the Week

Here are the hottest pics of the week... you're welcome

  1. 1. Shawn Mendes

    I want him to spoon me like he's spooning that avocado

  2. 2. Brie Larson

    Hot Girl Summer, but make it 24/7/365

  3. 3. Dua Lipa

    New Rules: 

    1) Dua Lipa wins a Nobel Prize in glowing like the frickin' sun this week

    2) That's it, that's the rule

  4. 4. Halsey

    Halsey's middle part says gay rights!

  5. 5. Lizzo

    I can't even make a joke in this caption, I just love her so much. LOOK AT HER!!! AN ABSOLUTE QUEEN!!!

  6. 7. Jacob Elordi

    this pic makes me ~euphoric~ 

  7. 8. Victoria Justice

    This pic made me realize that I guess Victoria Justice is still relevant? Love that for her. 

  8. 9. Hailey Beiber

    Can we talk about how you can only see her left eye and somehow she's still out-smizing all of us

  9. 10. Rowan Blanchard

    Wearing a belt as a choker is truly big Power Move Energy