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Her Campus Giveaway: PINK, Garnier Fructis, and Beacon & Brewster

We love our readers and so we have decided to give some of you free stuff! If you like our Facebook page from now until February 28th at midnight, you could receive products from Victoria’s Secret’s PINK, Garnier Fructis, and Beacon & Brewster. 

While you may be familiar with both Pink and Garnier Fructis, Beacon & Brewster is a new, Boston-based company that definitely deserves your attention. The company was founded by Eileen Sherman in 2012, a woman who loved the classic Cape Cod style but wanted to add meaning to the simple polo. Every article of clothing purchased from Beacon & Brewster is 100% American made. In addition to promoting an American business, this company sends 25% of the profits directly to charity! Each color represents a different charity. The different options are….

  • Passionate Pink: Any shirt purchased in this color contributes to the fight against breast cancer. Funds go towards a group of charities who are supporting women who are either still battling breast cancer or have recovered.
  • Lilac Bouquet: This color is internationally recognized as being supportive of groups fighting for a cure to Alzheimer’s. These funds go towards helping research in the field, as well as assisting current patients who suffer from this disease, in addition to their families.
  • Children’s Blue: This color was chosen because of its reminiscence of a child’s blanket. Shirts in this color benefit a wide variety of illnesses that plague children from autism to rare forms of cancer. The funds will go towards children’s hospitals and charities that both research cures and give support to children who live with these illnesses.
  • Lemonade Stand: This color celebrates the brave men and women in our nation’s military service. The funds go towards groups supporting troops who are in active duty, as well as veterans and their families.
  • Key Lime: Lime green is usually recognized as the color representing lymphoma. Key lime was chosen by Beacon & Brewster to expand their support from lymphoma to leukemia and other blood cancers as well. Funds go towards helping people of all ages, and help in research towards new treatments and cures.

Beacon & Brewster offers their t-shirts in a variety of designs. Her Campus offers to a select few lucky readers two shirts, one polo and one t-shirt. Each package contains two different colors so that you can lend your support to two different causes.

In addition to products from Beacon & Brewster, some lucky readers will receive a variety of products from Victoria’s Secret’s PINK such as leggings, sunglasses, koozies, t-shirts and bralettes. Each winner will also receive a sample of Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner. Try your hand at lady luck and like Her Campus at Facebook.com/HerCampusUVA. 

Katrina Margolis graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and Film. She served as the senior editor of HC UVA for two and a half years. She is currently an assistant editor for The Tab. Wahoowa! 
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