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Guys on Grounds: The Basics

It is no secret that guys and girls have trouble figuring each other out. With both sides feeling the opposite sex is “complicated,” many people feel like they are left hopeless and clueless. In hopes of making the gray areas a little less fuzzy, Her Campus at UVA has decided to start a new column called, “Guys on Grounds.” Each week a panel of anonymous guys will be interviewed and asked questions that girls have been dying to know the answers to. I can’t promise that everyone will like the answers, but they will be real, uncensored, and get to the bottom of habits us girls plain and simply do not understand.
Our Selected Interviewees*
Frederick Hayek
William Seward

Jeffery Amherst
When you’re at a party or a social daytime setting, what kind of girl stands out to you, and would you be most likely to approach?
FH: Well, if you haven’t talked to her then you would have to base it on looks.
WS: I would go off if she had a good smile, if she was laughing and being social - like on the pong table winning.
FH: I would say a smile would be a good thing to go off of, but when I’m sitting at a party I’m not just searching around for a girl, as the party goes on you do tend pay attention to the people surrounding you. I will say that obviously if a girl looks real good they are going to catch your eye.
How would you approach that girl? (The guys discuss this one together.)
JA: Somehow find a way to relate to her.
WS: Like if she’s wearing heels, you can go up to her and say “Man, how do you walk in those all night, I’m sure that’s painful…”
FH: Make yourself seem valuable to the conversation.
WS: There has to be a problem or event, and then you cleverly comment on it.  Like today at the library, I was at the coffee machine and pretended I couldn’t figure it out at all, so I asked this girl for help. We ended up talking for a couple minutes.
JA: There’s got to be some sort of situation where you have to help here- that’s one way.
FH: For me, if a girl is that attractive, you wait…you wait until you naturally interact.
WS: Or you just buy a dog…
What is you favorite quality in a girl?
JA: I would like a girl that I can carry a conversation with.
WS: Someone that can bro-out and just chill, and can take joke and immediately give it back.
FH: Someone able to carry on an intelligent conversation…but seriously, if she’s a good cook that means everything.
When you want to get to know a girl, are you more likely to do it through text, or ask her to hang out?
FH: I would say start out with text then transition into hanging out.  
JA: I would like to transition into hanging out quickly because I hate texting. I don’t get to know girls through a text. I text a girl to continue showing interest and lets me know whether or not she’s interested early on.   

What’s your top turnoff?
WS: Laughing too much or an annoying laugh.
FH: A dumb girl who babbles, unless you’re at a party…then it’s a little more bearable.
JA: I can’t stand an annoying voice.
Do you Facebook a girl before a first date?
WS: Yes, definitely. Especially if you hooked up with her the night before and don’t remember exactly what she looked like. 
 * These names are not real and have been changed to keep the interviewees completely anonymous 

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