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Grilled cheese, dogs, and books: 52 Things That Are Better Than A Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Whether you are single, your significant other can’t be with you, or you’re just not that into Valentine’s Day, these online sites will give you plenty of reasons to be happy without a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. 


1. Buzzfeed’s 31 Grilled Cheeses that are Better Than A Boyfriend


Because, come on, what’s better than a dark chocolate, raspberry and brie grilled cheese on Valentine’s Day? I would have dinner with this every night. 



2. PetMD’s Top Ten Reasons Dogs are Better Than Boyfriends

This hilarious top ten list is guaranteed to make you want to cuddle up with your dog this Valentine’s Day. My favorites: dogs never cheat, they love to cuddle, and you can train them.



3. Buzzfeed’s 11 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Boyfriends

Buzzfeed comes through again with this list of how books are better than boyfriends. Books do always smell great, and they definitely don’t mind if you’re in a relationship with more than one book at a time. 









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