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Five College Student-Approved Holiday Gift Ideas

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It is finally December, which means it is finally time to start enjoying the holiday season—although I have already been in the Christmas spirit since the start of November. Gift-giving is exciting, but it can also be a source of major stress. It can be difficult to strike a balance between finding a gift that is fun but also something that the recipient will use. Fear not—here is a curated list of gift ideas with my stamp of approval. As a college student well-versed in retail therapy, I think I am qualified to offer my advice here.

  1. Baggu Puffy Laptop Sleeve

College students are glued to their laptops—with all the work that must be done, you can never be too far away from it. If you need to carry a laptop around with you, why not make sure your laptop is safe and sporting a cute design? I am obsessed with the Baggu laptop sleeve because it feels like a puffer coat for your laptop. Even better, the pattern options are a great way to spice up and brighten your study days.

  1. Lap Desk

My first semester of college, I only worked from the desk in my dorm. By the time second semester rolled around, I was so tired of the uncomfortable confines for my small dorm room desk. This is when I finally started using a lap desk to comfortably work from my bed—and it was a complete game changer. Being able to be productive while staying cozy in bed is a huge win.

  1. Patchology Sheet Mask Set

College students are always on the go, so finding a moment to slow down is key to maintaining a sense of well-being. I think there is nothing more luxurious than putting on a face mask, dimming your lights, and putting on your favorite comfort tv show. This set of Patchology Sheet masks can turn your bleak dorm room into your own mini spa within minutes.

  1. Instacart or Uber Eats Gift Card

On a more practical note, sending a college student an Instacart of Uber Eats gift card is such a treat. It is undeniably enjoyable to have your favorite dinner or much needed groceries delivered to your dorm or apartment, but it can be difficult to justify the delivery fees. Having a gift card solves the problem. I know that there is nothing I appreciated more than using Instacart to send myself some sick-day essentials during the throes of the chronic first-year illness that plagues dorms.

  1. UVA Art Print

This UVA art print on Etsy is adorable—showcasing some favorite places around Grounds in watercolor fashion. There are plenty of other options too, and you can find similar prints for other college towns. Putting this in a frame and gifting it to your favorite Hoo is a personal and thoughtful holiday gift that will last forever.

I am a second-year at the University of Virginia studying English and American Studies. I love talking about my favorite books, my love of coffee, reality TV, and Harry Styles!