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Finding Your Dream Summer Internship


As the end of the semester rapidly approaches, the search for summer internships is heating up. With the internship market flooded by other college students it may feel like finding the perfect internship is impossible. It seems like every time there is an advertisement for an exciting internship, the entire collegiate population has already applied. However, half of the battle in finding the dream internship is knowing where to look for it. There are many unique and fulfilling internships that get missed because students never find them. Luckily, here is a compiled list of some of the best places to find the dream internship:

       1. Indeed App for smartphones

       Applying for internships is so easy with the Indeed app that it can be done from your phone! Every day new internships and job opportunities from across the country can be searched for on the app. The app allows users to save their resume and afterwards can apply to most of the internships with just a tap of the finger!

       2. CAVLink

       Internships and jobs targeted to specifically UVA students can be found on this site from University Career Services. Anyone with a UVA password (students and alumni) has access to the site. With CavLink you can even specify if you would prefer an on-Grounds interview by an employer. Work-study programs and on-Grounds student employment opportunities can also be found here.

       3. Barefoot Student

       Instead of internships advertising to college students, Barefoot Student allows students to advertise themselves. Users can post their resume and promote themselves for employers to find. Also, resumes can be saved and easily sent to prospective internships.

       4. Experience.com

      Experience is unique in that it allows its users to connect their education track with career prospects. No more applying to marketing internships as a drama major! The site not only shows listings of internships, but they offer helpful tips on how to get hired too. They provide interview advice, cover letter guidelines, and ideas to separate you from the rest of applicants.

       5. InternMatch

       Most summer internships are —unfortunately for college students—unpaid, but InternMatch highlights the paid internships. Specifically for college students, this site advertises internships with some of the most popular companies in the country and narrows searches to those that are in the area you would like to work.

Good luck internship hunting! 

Hi, I'm Allyson! I am a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus as well as a contributor for the University of Virginia chapter. I'm currently a 4th year at UVA and majoring in English.
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