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Falling for Fall: How To Get Into The Fall Spirit

Even though the first day of fall was September 22nd, Charlottesville Fall did not truly arrive until this Sunday. The weather is starting to get chilly, trees are starting to change color, and that crisp fall breeze is making everything seem better than it once was.

It is almost undeniable that Charlottesville in the Fall is the best season around. In the midst of midterms, fall break plans, and keeping up with friends, it can be difficult to stop and celebrate the fall season. Here are some exciting ideas to help you get into the Fall spirit!


Decor Ideas


1. Carve a pumpkin

    Carving a pumpkin is one of those classic fall activities that we never really seem to have time for in college! If you don’t like the mess of carving a real pumpkin, try carving a fake one from a craft store. You can use it as a decoration for years to come and put a pumpkin-scented candle inside to really enhance the decor of your apartment!


2. Buy a fall candle

One of the easiest ways to get in the fall spirit is by making your entire home smell like the inside of a pumpkin spice latte. All you need to do is go to Walmart, Target, Yankee Candle, or Bath & Body Works to find your dream scent and then just light it up (or put it on a wax melter). You’ll be amazed how much homier your apartment or dorm will feel!


3. Make dryer-sheet ghosts!

Try making ghostly decorations using your old dryer sheets! Just wrap a dryer sheet or two around a cotton ball and tie it off with some string. Then, use a sharpie to add a scary ghost face and hang it up with some twine! You can use this link for more inspiration: http://www.sewhomegrown.com/2010/10/dashing-dryer-sheet-ghosts.html


Food Ideas


1. Baking a pie

Nothing is more autumnal than an apple or pumpkin pie! You could even go to Carter’s Mountain and pick your own apples and then bake them into a pie later that day! Try this awesome apple pie recipe that you can bake inside a cast iron pan: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/213569/grandmas-iron-skillet-apple-pie/



2. Make leaf-shaped cookies!

    Either make your own dough or get some pre-made dough from the grocery store to create these awesome leaf-shaped cookies:



I hope you can use these ideas to really celebrate and enjoy this wondrous season while it lasts!


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