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Fall Break in Bermuda – Or Maybe Just Jergens?

With the fall weather approaching, keeping that healthy summer glow is only getting more difficult.  With laying out by the pool cut out of the picture and tanning beds being synonymous with cancer factories, how do you keep those nice bronze legs from getting pasty?
Self-tanning lotion is the most effective (and the cheapest) way to make you look like you spend every weekend in the Bahamas. But wait!  Before you run out to CVS and buy the first tanning lotion you see, here are five pointers to make your skin look as natural and beautiful as it does now.

 1. Buy the lotion that really matches your skin color.
 It can be tempting to convince yourself that you have “medium” skin when, in reality, it’s “very light.” Don’t succumb! Tanning lotion is especially designed to enhance your skin color so if you use a shade too dark, it will turn you the dreaded orange.

 2. Put on regular lotion after you apply the tanning lotion.
 Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not you’re applying lotion evenly. This can be a problem because it’s extremely important to make sure the color on the self-tanner doesn’t streak. Avoid this by using regular lotion after you rub in the self-tanner to further even out the color.

3. Pay attention to smell!

 L’Oreal, though a bit more expensive, has the best smell with Jergens coming in a close second. Be sure to test out the smell at the grocery store because it can definitely be a deal-breaker.

 4Wash your hands afterward.
 This can be a little tricky because you don’t want to wash all of the lotion off your hands and then have an awkward line at your wrists. The only solution I’ve come up with is to wash your hands, then place a small amount of lotion on the back of your hands and rub the backs together. That way it doesn’t streak in between your fingers and on your palms!
5. Use it after you shower.
 To make the lotion effective, you have to use it every day so it doesn’t fade. The best time is right after you shower because your skin is clean and it’s easy to remember. Obviously, don’t shower afterwards because you’ll wash it all off!
 So go bronze up! And don’t worry that this sunny weather is coming to an end.  Now bronzed beauty = all year round.

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