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When he’s not practicing and/or performing for two of UVA’s dance troupes, editing videos in Clemons’ Digital Media Lab, or filming for ‘Hoo Vision during football games, this weeks’ Campus Celebrity can most likely be found long-boarding around grounds. One fourth year who has definitely taken advantage of different opportunities the University has to offer is none other than Ese Shaw.

Year: 4th Year

Major: Studio Art Concentration in Cinematography, Minor in Media Studies


I am in AKAdeMix Dance Crew (That’s Academics, aka da mix). I’m one of two co-head choreographers for Mahogany Dance Troupe, and I am a production assistant with Virginia Athletics Video Services: ‘Hoo Vision. I also work in the Digital Media Lab on the third floor of Clemons Library.

What made you decide to come to the University of Virginia?

I knew it was a great public school with a well rounded college experience. I had a very atypical high school experience-small, no football team, no marching band, et cetera- and although I actually loved my time in high school, I wanted more of the diverse range of opportunities, activities, and experiences a fairly big and renowned university like UVA would provide.

What is your favorite thing about the University?

Definitely the friends I’ve made here. The people I’ve met. Other people are pretty much what we have in everyday life and therefore the friends, family, co-workers, whoever we surround ourselves with can often make or break our experiences.  I love the people I know here at UVA.

Which group(s) do you devote most of your time to, and why?

I think AKAdeMix and ‘Hoo Vision require the most time… so I probably devote most of my time to those two.  I’ve loved dancing since middle school; I was that kid doing the worm because I had too much energy and girls still had diseases. I like to think I’m pretty passionate about everything I do though. Life is too short to spend doing things you don’t enjoy and that may not benefit yourself or others.  

What do you do enjoy doing in your spare time? Hobbies?

Obviously dancing. but I also love skating. I’m always really busy and sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to think. Skating, especially at night, is just really relaxing and provides time for me to just jam out to my favorite songs and process my day, week, life, whatever.  I’m also a huge soccer fan; it was my life before I came to UVA.  I’m almost always filming something, or taking pictures. Occasionally I dabble in some “spoken-word-esque” battle or contemplative rap, or straight up goofy stuff (I make a lot of songs about food…). Also, I love other cultures and languages, and really hope to be fluent in Spanish some day. Otherwise I’m just kicking it with friends, catching up on TV shows, or whooping up on my roommates in Mario Kart. 

What are your plans/ goals for after graduation?

Hopefully graduate school for screenwriting. Either way I hope to someday be heavily involved with television production. I love shooting and editing, and if I follow the ‘Hoo Vision route and continue with sports production I could be happy, but ultimately I hope to be writing for TV.


Katrina Margolis graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and Film. She served as the senior editor of HC UVA for two and a half years. She is currently an assistant editor for The Tab. Wahoowa!