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Do you need some song recommendations to enjoy this fall?

Enjoy the following songs while driving through the orange pathways!

3D Print – Tape Machine, Jowen

Experience the mesmerizing blend of retro and futuristic sounds with “3D Print” – the perfect soundtrack for crisp autumn evenings. As leaves fall and seasons change, let its beats transport you through neon-lit memories and dreams of the future. This autumn, discover the song that bridges the gap between yesterday and tomorrow.

What you Closer Than before – clngr

Embrace the golden hues of autumn with ‘What You Closer Than Before’ by CLNGR. As leaves rustle and the air grows cooler, let its melodies draw you nearer to the heart of the season. This fall, lose yourself in the song that feels like a warm embrace amidst the changing tides.

ABout Time – Sarah Kang

Fall into the soothing tones of ‘About Time’ by Sarah Kang this autumn. As leaves descend and moments pass, let its heartfelt lyrics accompany your sips of a warm pumpkin spice latte. Experience the essence of the season with every note and every comforting sip.

August – Taylor Swift

Step into the golden embrace of ‘August’ by Taylor Swift. As summer memories fade into the amber glow of autumn, let Taylor’s ethereal voice transport you to those fleeting moments of warmth and nostalgia. This fall, relive the summer that was with the soundtrack that captures it all.

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

Feel the cool breeze and the rhythm of autumn raindrops with ‘Sweater Weather’ by The Neighbourhood. As leaves dance to the ground and droplets tap on your window, let this anthem envelop you in the pure essence of fall. For those cozy, rainy days of the season, there’s no better soundtrack to wrap up in.

Mina Lee is a writer at the Her Campus at Virginia chapter. She writes articles regarding topics of trending entertainment, beauty, and pop culture. Mina has worked as an editor for Policyviz and edited the book DataViz. She has volunteered as a social media manager and a translator at the Penta Olympic Fencing Club, where she translated Chinese, English, and Korean. She is currently a Sophomore at the University of Virginia, planning to major in Commerce and minor in Drama and Computer Science. Mina enjoys fencing and cooking/baking in her free time. She also enjoys watching diverse TV shows from different countries, including China, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and France.